Life in The Word

The Lord Most High is Almighty!

He / she whom The Lord Yeshua has set free is free indeed!

 He / she whom The Lord has chosen, and ordained, to go and bring forth fruit (letting Him win souls through us) for His Kingdom, is His Friend, and is abiding in Him! (that's a paraphrase of what His Word says)

 He / she who calls upon The Name of The Lord shall be saved (delivered from the punishment and the power of sin, and from the wrath to come)!

We need only believe that Ye'shua (the Messiah) He is the true Son of YHWH (JHVH) God, and our Messiah (Saviour), The Anointed One of God, Who willingly came to earth, to be born of a virgin, and who lived, suffered and died in our place, taking upon Himself all our sins and iniquities, so He could make full Atonement, as our Redeemer and Deliverer, for us, by dying on the Roman execution stake, but three days later, rising again, as The Living Lord of all, Who ever intercedes for us in Heaven, accepting us (by covering our sins with His precious Blood, pouring it on the Mercy Seat) as His friends.


 Trusting fully in Him brings to us "His full deliverance!"  He does it all.

It is His Righteousness that has made full Atonement, through His blamelessness in Life and in death, for us!

It is His Faith that carries us through, while we live on earth, believing in and trusting in Him for everything!

 It is His ability to resist and overcome sin in our lives... His Grace ... that enables you and me to overcome the ways of this world system, that seek to destroy us, distract us and disable us, from doing what He designed us to accomplish!

It is His Truth that makes us free!

It is His integrity that we can trust in!  He is Compassion, He is Understanding, He is Wisdom and He always tels the Truth!

He is worthy of being given all praise, all glory, all honor, all majesty, all blessing, and all our attention, all the time!

 He is King of kings, Lord of lords!  That means He is sovereign over all city, county, national leaders!

He rules over all!

His Name is above every other name, in heaven and in earth!  He is Ye'shua the Messiah of God!

He is my Messiah, my Saviour, my Deliverer, my Redeemer, and He ever liveth to do the will of His (my) Father in Heaven!

 I love Him with all my heart!

He is my first Love!

He is my Master Designer, my favorite Friend, my Hope beyond what I see, my Eternal-Life-Giver, and my Healer!

My life is in His Hands!


Yeshua's friend 


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