LifeQuote Supports MassMutuals Kid's Life Insurance Social Media Campaign

The “Why Life Insurance?” consumer awareness program that was recently launched by Massachusetts Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), is having an impact. Their Facebook page has sparked more than 22,000 people to "Like" it. The innovative and creative combo of entertaining videos, interactive tools and informative content hosted solely on a social platform is incredibly unique in an industry that is relatively staid and conservative. Here is one of the videos. The goal of the campaign is to confront common barriers and start families across America thinking and talking about their financial futures. “With this new campaign, we challenge head on the declining life insurance ownership trend in an engaging manner, while strongly emphasizing the crucial role life insurance can play in a family’s financial planning strategy,” said John Chandler, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, MassMutual.

Common barriers for people to own life insurance are anxiety about discussing death and fear that the cost of protecting their family's future is too expensive. We agree with MassMutual that facing things head on is the way to go. We especially think that dispelling the myth that life insurance is not affordable is critical... especially term life insurance which is at historic lows.

Finding out how much it costs to buy life insurance is as easy as requesting a free online quote. LifeQuote shops many of the country's top rated companies to find the policy that meets each individual's needs. Take the lead from the kids in this campaign... get the facts about life insurance and take action now.

LifeQuote Holdings, Inc., is a pioneer in online life insurance brokerage. The firm was one of the first to offer consumers free life insurance quotes via telephone in the 1980’s, prior to developing the Internet business model. The executive team is made up of life insurance and retirement plan veterans, as well as media/marketing specialists, and experts in web design, development and search engine optimization. The company CEO is a respected leader in his field and coveted public speaker at national industry meetings. To find out more, please visit

The author of this LifeQuote Blog post is not a licensed life insurance agent or broker.


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