Life's Full of Little Mysteries

I sometimes ponder life's little mysteries as I go about my daily tasks.  Today, I started wondering if anyone knows all - or any - of the answers to my questions.  Then I remembered that I have a blog! I can ask my readers and they may provide some insight.  I'm hoping someone can help me solve these mysteries.  Thus begins the first of a new series of posts on my blog, the most - - of every moment.
The little mysteries I am thinking about this week all have to do with laundry! (That's probably because I have done so much of it today!)
Looks like my helper has been sleeping on the job!

Have you ever wondered about these questions like I do:

 1.  Why are there are never enough hangers?
 2.  Why is the laundry hamper full, after I just did all the laundry?
 3.  Why do I never see the stain, until after the item comes out of the dryer?
 4.  Why is there an unmatched sock in nearly every load? 
 5.  Why does the cat like to sleep in the laundry basket of clean clothes better than the dirty ones?

Cat fur all over the clean clothes - I may have to get new help!
You may not think these questions are so mysterious  - but I wonder about them all the time.
I will look forward to your answers for any of these questions!


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