Life's Too Short to Sit Through Bad Movies

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I used to be a compulsive book-finisher. If I started reading something, no matter how bad it was, I would finish it. At some point I realized a) this was stopping me from taking chances on new writers and b) there isn't enough time in my life to read all the good books in the world, let alone some bad ones. So now? I'm a book quitter. I'll give something a good three chapters, but if it starts to massively suck, I'm okay now with just giving up.

Joy Sussman from Joyfully Green makes a great point extending beyond book quitting to anything-stupid quitting.

We have only so many waking hours in the day, and all of this sub-par stimuli is clamoring for our attention. Reality shows about mean people doing stupid things. Shopping malls and mail-order catalogs filled with STUFF we do not need*. Tell-all books, magazines, and websites that stalk and mock celebrities and celebrate their misfortunes. It's like drinking flat soda while eating a box full of stale donuts--where's the value in it? Why settle for this junk? Is it really worth your time and/or money?

Sex and the City 2

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What have you quit?

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