I simply think that most people are afraid to live their best lives…..Afraid that it will require too much of them to make it happen….so they simply stay STUCK….Stuck in a rut…..For some, it is stuck in a Ditch…..They find excuses for everything….From why they can’t be healthy to their relationship failures to almost anything one can think of…..Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…..

Excuses can become a way of life….A lifestyle of Excuses….Finding every reason why they “can’t rather than can……Winners find ways to make life happen….Non-Winners create EXCUSES to show why something can’t happen……People who live in the land of excuses simply dig themselves deeper and deeper into the pit…..Some people get so stuck in a rut they become what I call “Soggy.” Soggy people haven’t made a FRESH decision in so many years that it has began to show in how they look. They simply look “soggy” rather than fresh…..

I went back to what I call my hometown. I happened to go to a bar/restaurant with my husband (the best hamburgers in the world in my opinion are served there) and in walks a woman I barely recognized. I mixed her up with someone else. She had aged (we all do) but not in a good way. She had gotten soggy….. Also, I have walked into people's homes and nothing seems Fresh.....Everything looks as if it hasn't been moved or dusted in years.....Their lives have become stuck......After I realized who the woman in the bar was I realized that she had gotten stuck…..made no fresh decisions in her life….was caught in the cycle of “same old same old…” To get out of the rut one must make decisions and they must be Good decisions….A lifestyle of good decisions starts with ONE right decision….and then one builds upon that….

Creating the life of our dreams requires Effort….It requires the RIGHT DECISIONS…..One right decision after the other. The best way to start is with One right decision….One right decision can change a person’s life……Think back, have you ever made a RIGHT decision that totally changed your life for the better? What would happen if you made a lifetime of RIGHT DECISIONS?

I think almost everyone remembers their wrong decisions, but what about those right decisions in life you made along the way…….I got to thinking about one of the very best decisions I made along the way was to change what and how I ate……I went from loving junk food to loving only healthy foods….It made all the difference in how I feel…..That was One Great Decision that truly impacted my life…..Of course I have made many wonderful decisions. I love creating the lifestyle of RIGHT DECISIONS….

Often people feel they are so stuck that one right decision won’t “do it…” They are right….but, if they start with one right decision, add another to it, and then another….they will soon be on their way to a Lifestyle of Right Decisions…..Creating the life of our dreams requires us to do it….No one else is going to create our life the way we want it except for us….So get busy…Stop making Excuses…..BEGIN .making ONE RIGHT DECISION AFTER ANOTHER…..A LIFESTYLE OF RIGHT DECISIONS……


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