A LIFESTYLE OF RIGHT DECISIONS.......The Difference In Success and Failure is in the DECISIONS Made....

WRONG DECISIONS…..The Difference Between Success and Failure Is In The DECISIONS Made….

No one ever likes to think they will make a wrong decision……but when I look around at the world and read the news I see so many wrong decisions pretty much everywhere I look……It seems Right Decisions are often the exception. What seems to make the news is Wrong Decisions….Right Decisions seems to get back page in the newspaper…..I guess Wrong Decisions are more interesting, they are more newsworthy, and simply get far more attention than Right Decisions….

Wrong Decisions can wreck a person’s life…..Wrong decisions can ruin businesses, wrong decisions can ruin relationships, and wrong decisions can simply create havoc……Then why do so many wrong decisions simply seem to take place everywhere we look in life….?

The answer is too complex for me to put in one blog…because there is simply an endless list of why wrong choices are often made…..so I will simply narrow it down to more personal choices in lives that affect most people’s day to day lives……Personal Wrong Decisions that can screw up a person’s life….

When people get up in the morning I do not think they intend on making a wrong decision…..Decisions come in almost any form…from the toothpaste we use to the route we take to work….to whether we are paying attention when we are driving or if someone is busy texting while driving…..to how we spend our money….to how much we save…..to how we treat those we love…….how we interact with others……These are simply all decisions…..

Some personal decisions are bigger…..Do I quit my job? Do I leave my relationship? Do I discontinue a friendship? These decisions seem to have the most impact along the way and yet small decisions can create havoc too….Day to day habits of eating the wrong foods can lead ultimately to disease…..Texting while driving can lead to a catastrophic accident affecting our lives in big ways…..Flirting where we should not be can ultimately put our marriages in jeopardy…..Little things can add up to big things….and Big things can snowball…….

How does one avoid wrong decisions? Well, I think we cannot avoid all wrong decisions but I think we can avoid a lot more than most people realize simply by being “on top of our game” day in and day out about all of our decisions both big and small….Staying alert to our lives and not just muddling through our lives like a Zombie doing the same things without thinking…..We need to stay alert in our lives……Stay alert to our decisions…..to Make all the right ones….

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people realize the importance of making right decisions one right after the other both in the small arena of life as well as the large arena…They stay on top of all their decisions….THE DIFFERENCE IN SUCCESS AND FAILURE IS IN THE DECISIONS THAT ARE MADE…..

Some people simply think they can become successful in life (success is in any area of life not just fame or fortune) by doing the wrong things…..It can bring temporary success but ultimately it will flee from them…for wrong decisions lead to wrong places……Right decisions will ultimately lead to right places……Being on the right roads in life will lead to the right places….but if you are on the wrong roads in life you will not end up in the right place….Same way with Decisions….

Creating a LIFESTYLE OF RIGHT DECISIONS is key to a happy and Successful life……I believe if more people looked closely at their decisions and the ones being made they are likely to be surprised at what they may find……Improving upon our decision making process in all areas of our lives is key to being a success in each area. Making one right decision after the other and staying alert to wrong decisions and avoiding them….

Create a lifestyle of RIGHT DECISIONS for your life…….Avoid wrong decisions by acting on right information……If we get one life to live then we simply want it to be the very best in life……and it all starts with our DECISIONS….


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