Light and Fluffy Buckwheat Pancakes

Everyone remembers their first childhood crush. My mother insists mine was Michael from the television show “Barney,” but I remember a much more masculine first “love”—Almanzo.  Almanzo was Laura Ingalls Wilder’s husband, whom she described in the book series Little House on the Prairie. I ampositive Almanzo had some part in shaping the characteristics I find attractive; he was a tall, strong, hard-working man with knowledge of the land and a healthy appetite. Sigh. What a dream boat.


Almanzo first appears in the series in the 1933 novel Farmer Boy, which describes his childhood life on the farm. The story follows Almanzo for one year, through spring planting, fall harvest, and winter wood chopping. Although I was too young to have any lustful desires towards him, I enjoyed that Almanzo never complained about his endless chores (something I still struggle with) and admired his passion to follow in his father’s footsteps. One of the breakfasts Almanzo adored was buckwheat pancakes.

“Almanzo loved light, fluffy, buckwheat pancakes with plenty of molasses.”
The Long Winter

Buckwheat pancakes make me feel like a pioneer, and the earthy flavor provides a warming start to the day. Despite its name, buckwheat does not contain any grain, and is therefore gluten-free. To make these pancakes completely gluten-free, substitute buckwheat flour for the all-purpose flour. The following recipe is modified from


 For recipe, keep reading on Brown Ale Girl





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