The Light Bulb Conundrum of the Easy Bake Oven

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It said:

You must use a regular frosted or standard 100-watt light bulb with the Easy Bake Oven. A GE Reveal 100 watt bulb can also be used. This unit will not work if a higher wattage or long life or soft white bulb is used.

Light Bulbs (sic) can be found at department stores, hardware stores and grocery stores.

(Thank you, Hasbro, for explaining where to buy light bulbs in another country that has not outlawed 100-watt incandescent bulbs.)

A GE Reveal 100-watt bulb is not cheap. Nor can I figure out how the heck it is different than a 100-watt incandescent light bulb, other than it meets federal light bulb regulations and is made of unicorn horns. Apparently, though, it is hot enough to bake a cookie. I bought one after reading post after post of people on their blogs and on Google taking the name of any light bulb god they could find in vain over the light bulb conundrum of the Easy Bake oven. I am not the first person to discover this problem, but I'm here on BlogHer to set the record straight so that no other person ever need suffer as needlessly as I did.

I arrived home. I installed the light bulb. My daughter walked in the door at 4:30. "DID YOU GET THE LIGHT BULB?" she asked.

And I smiled broadly. "Of course I did!"

Rita Arens authors Surrender, Dorothy and is the editor of the award-winning parenting anthology Sleep is for the Weak. She is the senior editor for


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