Light Changes

So we're still working on Phase Two of the Guest Bedroom Remodel (I really hate painting door trim because you have to be really careful when painting the place where it meets the wall so it's a veeerryy slow process), but in the meantime we have made a few more changes in other places around the house.  I haven't posted any pics of our foyer to this blog just yet, but it's one of the rooms my hubby worked on today (along with the hall). 

     The foyer was the same orange-y/gold-ish color as the living room (seen here), so when we repainted the living room Harvest Brown by Behr, we also painted the foyer the same color.  We also updated the foyer light fixture after finding a great oil-rubbed bronze light fixture in excellent condition at a garage sale (I believe we purchased it for $10! I love garage sales for that kind of thing!).

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