Lincoln, the great Aquarius

Happy Birthday, President Lincoln. Turning 200 years old today, and looking not a day over 56. Your time in office and The Civil War aged you, etching deep (but beautiful) lines into your face. But goodness endures, as time and test have proven when it comes to you and your Presidency. Many come to Washington D.C. and Springfield, Illiinois to honor you and share in your wisdom and good graces. Born in the Sign of Aquarius, you were true to your Sun Sign, with its airy, head-first, hidden aspects. You spoke eloquently, but you did not always speak your mind. What you did say, in your addresses, and some of your speeches,  has been memorized by all of us. I wonder if you are looking down on the State of our Union, at this very moment, and wondering what has become of us? You governed while the Country was at Civil War, and you stated, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." -- Surely you may be wondering how this oft-quoted statement of yours fits the problems that must be solved as our Country teeters on the edge of insolvency and the Republicans and Democrats can not work together as one. Will the continued divide wreck the house?