Lindsay gets an extreme home makeover!!! This is the first post in the journey!

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Extreme Makeover Home Edition is here...the journey to Lindsay's new home! This could be the most challenging post I have written yet...not because the subject matter is deep, or revealing, but it is that I don't know if it's possible for me to do it justice... As most of you know by now, our own Earth Monkey mama, Lindsay and her family we're chosen to receive an Extreme Home Makeover!!! I struggle to even find the words to describe the intense excitement, joy, and amazement that I am feeling about this entire really only pales to the birth and adoption of my children (sorry babe, this is better than our wedding!;) ) I am hoping today that I can give you a glimpse into the work that is going into the creating, building and fruition of this amazing home! I am going to keep my words few (I know shock hu??) because honestly, I am so tired, and overwhelmed that I feel like my brain is more of a mush ball! I'll let Linz tell you at least part of her story of the months previous to this day if she wants someday...but Im going to start at my first glimpse of the EMHE bus!

We stalked I mean, drove by and checked it out on a hunch...It's so stinking cool! It was crazy to know that it would pull up into someones driveway the next day, and give that family the shock of their lives! We hoped, and wanted to believe that it was them!!!!

On wed morning, we waited patiently for the bus to show, while Linz and the fam were crammed into waiting patiently in a back bedroom wondering if they were going to be the family running out to "good morning McPail family!!!!!"...well apparently in Hollywood, 15 min. means somewhere between 1 hour and we waited...and waited... then we saw it...our first glimpse was like a mirage, and honestly I was freaking out so much, I don't even know how I got any picture of this part...I think I turned my camera off 3 times just trying to snap picts!!!

The driveway is long, so I had plenty of time to fumble around a get it coming.... (insert screaming here!!!)

When the bus pulled up to the house. We couldn't see what was going on, but we were freaking out just a little bit...ok for real, Lindsay's mom was crying like a baby (I'll be nice and not post the "ugly cry" picture I took of her!)

So basically, the first day was filled with preparation...dozens of trailers, trucks, tractors, tents, and hundreds of workers piling in... This is Pauly...I'm sure you all know and love him! He did a great interview with cannel 12 news It's hard to show the magnitude of what is going on but this is just a little glimpse into some of the people that volunteer their time and work side by side to make this home a reality! It is unbelievable!

Some of the EMHE crew!!! I don't know where they find these people, but they are to coolest, craziest, most hardworking people I have ever seen (when Danny is not sleeping under a tree anyway!) Oh, I'm just kidding everyone! No sleeping here!

Even the security guards stand around and eat popsicles all day work their butts off! I have to is stinking hot! 100 plus...not a great time for our hottest days of the year!

Kara is in red and she is an EMHE designer...she and Yogi (sorry no him, Ill get one soon) do most of the design work in the house. They are seriously so amazingly talented!!!

Some of the "hero's on the job..."

Finally got a glimpse of Paige in all of her pink cuteness! Those legs are not even airbrushed...good thing she is too sweet to hate! ;)

This view is on top of the channel 12 van...the foundation is being poured, and it's tough to see, but there are at the very least, dozens of people working to make it all happen.

I had a chance to walk through the house and take a video and thought a lot about some of the special places in and around the house. I'm not much of a crier, but I have to admit that as I walked around this empty shell, I was struck by a wave of sadness. This home is small, it has cracks in the windows, no heat in most of it, a single bathtub that works better for catching frogs in the hole in the wall (one lives in a tank at my house now) than for bathing. The carpet is impossibly stained, even after almost daily shampooing, the oven catches on fire (for real!) and the seasonal crickets are enough to make a person feel like Pharaoh in the plague...but there are memories here. Of my kids running around laughing with hers, of sitting at her computer for hours on end bringing Earth Monkeys into existence. Boot camp in the back yard, and scooters in the driveway. Kids peeing jumping on the trampoline next to the sad attempt at a garden that a couple of years ago we were sure would produce enough for us to can for the winter. (we forgot that neither one of us gardens or cans...) Anyway...I know that these are MY memories, and I am talking about this like it is my house, but I guess that is the point...this house was a home and everyone felt welcome. Sometimes you had to move aside a pile or 10 of laundry to sit and enjoy the coffee and company, or wrap up in a quilt to not freeze your butt off (maybe that was just me?) but it's a place you wanted to be, because of the people. This is a family filled with love and chaos, but mostly love. So to the McPails, I am sending you a big thank you for letting me in..letting us all in. You are deeply loved by many!

This was a chalkboard that she painted on a cupboard (so crafty!) and I had to take a picture today.... I think the irony of the verse is impossible to overlook!

and one more thing...just so you all will stop I have not seen Ty yet... but I can't resist still putting up a hunky pict!!! I'll let you know if he is as cute in person...soon!

If you do not know Cj and Linsay's story yet... Click here for the link to the story that was done by EMHE..its worth a minute to read!!! And one more thing...Cj and Linz are gone on their crazy cool EMHE vacation and will not be seeing any picts or blogs or FB posts. They are cut off from all communication! ;) Welcome to everyone new to Earth Monkeys..please "follow" us and "share" us! We appreciate you all!!!


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