The Lingerie Football League. That's Right. You Heard Me. Lingerie Football.

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I warned you back in May not to get me started on the Lingerie Football League. Yes, the Lingerie Football League. The LFL for short. The thing that makes Sarah's eyes bleed and steam shoot out of her ears.

In 2004 someone came up with the bright idea to show an alternate half time show. This entrepreneur thought that he could (I am assuming it was a he, I can't seem to locate any history on the LFL website and even wikipedia doesn't name any names) make a couple bucks by paying hot women to play football in lingerie. Pay-Per-View ran this "game" for $20 a pop and it was a huge success.

Wait! I found it, and yes, it was a man. His name is Mitch Mortaza and he founded the Lingerie Football League in 2003. He still serves as commissioner. Here he is on a blind date.

Somehow Mortaza's brain child ended up expanding to a 10 team, 5 week season, coast to coast "sports" league.

Last year the LFL Super Bowl was played at a clothing optional resort in Land O' Lakes, Florida.

Listen, I am not knocking nudity. I don't even have a problem with pornography. What I do have a problem with is the fact that this nonsense is in 10 cities when there is a league called the IWFL where women actually play football. They wear pads and everything.

This leads me to my next point which is half-naked football cannot be safe. If they hit half as hard as the ladies in the IWFL do they could never secure insurance for any of the players. IT CANNOT BE REAL FOOTBALL.

The LFL players actually do wear shoulderpads and some sort of knee protection but their midsections are bare. They wear helmets and garters.

And they set women's equality back decades.

Did I mention that the player contract includes an accidental nudity clause? If you clicked that link you also know that the contract includes a non-disclosure and confidentiality clause that getting some of the "ladies" in trouble.

From Right Fielders:

We all have seen the uniforms  in the Lingerie Football League and we all agreed that they are revealing but also make the perfect complement in the league, but the problem started with a story given by Smoking Gun, about declarations concerning of how the uniforms is inappropriate, and that both Mitchell Mortaza and his deputies have banned any type clothing or equipment that could avoid some nudity exposure  as well as any defamatory posting concerning Mortaza or any other directive in the LFL  or staff, any posting or comment will have repercussions like legal actions and fines up to $500.00.

Wow. The "athletes" aren't allowed to wear anything that might accidentally keep their clothes on in the event of a tackle?

Nice, Mortaza. You are a classy guy.

As for everybody else involved in this debacle, come on! If you want to play football, play football. If you want to model lingerie, model lingerie, and if you want to watch some porn there is some quality adult entertainment out there. The LFL is not it.


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