Links loved: November


Ready to take back control of how you eat + feel + live? Now’s the time.
Eat Well. Party Hard. will help you make it happen.

And now, back to your regularly-scheduled post!


What’d you do this month, friends? ‘Round these parts, the Eat Well. Party Hard. ebook pre-order session officially opened, and those who reserve their copy by the end of December can pay what they want for the whole thing!

Other Noventures: another bike trip, this one to the Mini Great Wall in Xianju; celebrating China’s cold-weather snacks; bawling at the showering of birthday love from friends + loved ones across multiple continents; hosting a Thanksgiving party + tricking all the guests into falling in love with wholesome vegan food (like red wine and chocolate chili, or spicy buffalo dip). Success!


Anyway, the links beginneth:

MAJOR UPDATE for travelers: you can finally listen to music during flight landings and takeoffs (both Southwest and Delta have proudly emailed to say that they’re the “only” airline offering this. Lol).

The Fit Bottomed Girls (and their food-centric extension Fit Bottomed Eats) are never not great: tips to eat better, not less.

Unshockingly, I am all for this KC-based band: “Lazy feel like a sweaty house party come to life. There’s one entrance, everyone’s wearing leather with patches, if somebody took pictures it’d be the uncomfortable shot where it looks like a basement is full of a thousand people all of them with their mouths open and their tank-tops soaked with sweat.”

Speaking of great music you haven’t heard yet: a free double album based of artists’ experimentations with Buddha Machines (c/o my favorite music news website, The Bomber Jacket).

Following the Kanye West approach to better eating habits: this 0 Comments at a vegan buffet in D.C.

bunch of postage stamps featuring famous people (many of whom are musicians/music industry folks) who choose not to eat meat.

Please know, dear friend + reader, how incredibly grateful I am that you’re here. Wishing you the happiest of Thanksgivings. <3


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