The Lion, The Witch & The Wine Bottle

I try to be a great wife and mother, I really do - but every once in a while I just want to be left the heck alone.

In the past I've simply fled to the bathroom, usually smuggling in wine and chocolate like a fat kid with a snickers bar, because it's the only door with a lock on it.   It's been my refuse.  My 5 X 8 foot spa where no one could reach me.  My Narnia.

I didn't even mind the toothpaste

Then it happened.  One of my daycare kids pushed the lock button on the doorknob while in the bathroom.  Sadly their tiny shrieks of 'help the bathroom is eating me' attracted more than just myself;  It brought my own kids running to the rescue.  While I apprecia
te that they were only trying to help I was forced to inadvertently show them the magic trick for unlocking the bathroom door from the outside.  
What was I to do?  

A tiny child was trapped.

And I'm a good person, right?

No longer will I sit upon the edge of the bathtub sipping wine or relishing a tiny square of chocolate.  No longer will I hear the children frantically inquiring as to where I've been for the last 28 seconds and be able to simply shout "In the bathroom!" 

On the up side I might drink less wine?

Who am I kidding!  If you need me I'll be at home depot picking up a latch for the laundry room door.


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