Lions, Tigers and Bears (Too Close To Home) Oh My!

It’s not every day that you hear that exotic animals have been released and the local Sheriff is concerned about the public safely.  That is what is happening around my home as I write this.  It was estimated that about 48 exotic animals were released from a ‘rescue’ in Muskingum County, Ohio.  We are talking about mature adult lions, bears, wolves, tigers and even a monkey.  Luckily I am in the neighboring county but, my home is only about 20 miles away from release site.  My Daughter was pleased to hear that her school had decided to delay its start time but, was a little apprehensive about leaving once she knew why.  Thank goodness it is a rainy day and recess would be inside regardless.

Now we have made national news, yippee (sarcasm).  Now we get to hear all the critics and their opinions about how they would have handled the situation differently.  I say kudos to the Muskingum County Sheriff and all of the Sheriff Deputies!  It is very unfortunate that this has happened.  I am as big of an animal lover as anyone but, these animals should not be roaming the hills of central Ohio.  When there is no time to wait on a tranquilizer you must take action to protect human life.  Officials have done everything in their power to protect US and for that I thank them.

If anyone is to blame here it is the owner of these animals.  Ultimately they were his responsibility and if in fact he was the one to release them (which is the current speculation) he failed them miserably!  These animals could have been saved but, the negligence of their owner has caused there unnecessary deaths.

As of right now only two animals (a wolf and a monkey) remain on the loose and I think that is an amazing feat by area officials.  My Daughter gets on the bus only a couple of feet from a corn field that butts up to a creek and woods.  Thanks to many hours of hard work and no sleep, my Daughter will be able to board the bus without fear of a lion, tiger or bear attack.

Have you heard about this incident?  How close do you live?  What is your reaction?

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