Lisa Ling has ADD

There's good news and bad news about this story showing that Lisa Ling has adult ADD.

The good news is, it shows people that you can have ADD and still be brilliant and successful. How is that possible? IQ is a measurement of cognitive skills. If all of Lisa's other cognitive skills (visual processing, logic & reasoning, auditory processing, memory, processing speed) are very strong and just her attention skills are weak, she could have an incredibly high IQ. 

The bad news is, one of the first things out of the ADHD specialist's mouth was about putting her on medication. He said: "My belief is that if you've got a biologically based problem with your ability to pay attention, then you're a candidate for using medication."

Yes, he did mention that it wouldn't be the sole treatment, but the fact that he jumped straight to stimulant meds sends a bad message to viewers. Just because her ADD is biologically based doesn't mean meds are the best choice. In fact, I think they should be he LAST choice when we have so many other options to try first!

How about cognitive skills training? Totally non-invasive and scientifically researched and backed.

Or changes to diet? Cutting food dyes out completely, for example.

Does she get enough sleep? 

Has she had her hormones checked? 

Has she had all her bloodwork done? Does she have any vitamin/nutrient deficits?

I'm not saying meds don't work, but I am saying they should be a LAST RESORT. I believe this is especially true for kids, teens and women who may want to get pregnant.

I'd encourage Lisa Ling to put her journalist skills to work and research her other options, especially one-on-one brain training, nutrition and a bloodwork check.