A List

Hi I am back again. I will put a short list of what has happened to me through the years since I was born.

1) Fell down the stairs age one

2) Seen a Ghost at age 3 and was smacked by him across the face. 

3) Age 3 before my sister Tena was born in 1984 My Uncles Doberman tore off the left side of my face, and they reconstructed my whole 

4) 5 years old, went to kindergarten had my first kiss and boyfriend Joey Merza

6) 6 years old these two Gay Men lived upstairs in a apartment and slept in a bedroom above my bedroom I heard them screaming and moaning sexually. It messed my brain at a young age.

7) 7 years old my parents moved me and my sister Tena back to the same apartment we lived in back in 1983 where I had seen that ghost. My little sister Mary was born there.

8) My parents moved onto Sacremento Street in Chicago in the baseent we lived there a few years.  the first Flood I had expierenced in my life back in summer of 1989 was there. I mean the Whole Apartment had flooded out!

9) Back in 1994, 13 years old graduated from Clinton High School

10) 14 years old back in Dec 29th 1994 was hit by a car

11) 15 yrs old back in 1995 was sexually molested and violated 3 different times by 3 different men or boys, whatever they were.

12) 16 yrs old had my sweet sixteen in year 1996 got a barbie for my sweet sixteenth birthday from my dad as a gift lol.

13) 1996 was sexually assualted again and stabbed several times

14) 1997 was hit by another car in June 6th. at 2:10 pm on a side street while I was riding my bike the old lady didnt see me riding my bike on the sidewalk so went on sidewalk and hit me, I had surgery behind my right knee.

15) I had met my Dream love in July of 1999 at Alpine Valley the OzzFest, We still together till this day.

More has hapened in my life druing all these years since I was born till this day


Chow till again.

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