The List: Things You Should Do Before You Settle Down

See, I started this list. And now I want to know about yours.

It's a long and ever evolving story, which is why I blog about it (go figure). Nutshell: the whole thing started in tandem with my quarterlife crisis (again, go figure), when I started to realize how much there was out there I hadn't experienced and hadn't fixed about myself that needed to get done BEFORE I settled down. The list itself is long and varied--it ranges from everything to "Get dropped off in the middle of nowhere and figure out how to find my way home without calling any of my friends for help" to "Go on a date with an older man"--and is being chipped away at weekly, with the payoff ideally being that when I DO settle down, I'll be 100% ready and be a sexy, independent wife with waaaaay fewer issues than I would have had otherwise.

That's not the interesting part. 

The interesting part of my list is the conversation is starts about what might be on other people's list. And so I want to know: if you made a list of 100 things to do before you married, what would be on it? Why?

Share. It won't hurt! If its too dirty, you can send me a totally anonymous email. 

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