Listen to Your Body: Sinus Problems

 Are your sinuses hurting today?  Did you develop a sinus infection just before the start of the holiday season, and it just keeps hanging on?  Do you get this same ailment every year at this time?


Want to know why?


Our sinuses are where we hold much of our anger, irritation and frustration with those close to us (Usually this means family and friends, but it can be a coworker as well).  During this time of year, we force ourselves to keep going, going, going when we really need to rest; we purchase gifts for people we do not like because we feel that we “should”; and we place ourselves in situations that make us uncomfortable, spending time with overly critical or outright toxic relatives because “they are family.”  Our self-esteem is subjected to far more blows as we feel persecuted for everything from our physical appearance to our job to our choice of partner, we carry far heavier burdens and we feel like we are never, ever going to get to rest because Other People are expecting things of us.  On top of all this, we shop until we drop, spend more money than we planned, devote hours to wrapping gifts, drive all over creation and visit house after house after house because “it is expected.”  


And if that were not enough, this is the time when we are confronted with family members who do not take care of themselves despite repeated efforts to talk them into being healthier or remove themselves from a destructive relationship.  We force ourselves to hold our tongues and just let the pressure build and build until we are in such pain that we are—finally!—able to give ourselves an excuse to take some time out. 


See the problem?


If your sinuses are paining you now, ask yourself who or what in your life is the source of the greatest frustration for you at this time.  Who do you feel is asking too much of you?  Who don’t you think understands?  Who is so aggravating that you can barely stand it, but you don’t think it is safe (or productive) to tell him or her how you really feel?  Or have you tried telling them over and over and over to no avail and are still forcing yourself to spend time with them anyway?


Now ask yourself why you are letting this continue.  What are you afraid of?  Rejection?  Denial?  Anger?  What are the consequences you are trying to avoid?


Once you’ve figured out exactly what’s going on, it’s time to empower yourself.  YOU get to make the choices here.  YOU call the shots.  Yes, it’s true, you might still wind up driving all over creation, but you get to do so because it is something that you choose to do—not because you must.  It really is your choice; if you wanted, you could call off the whole thing.  Instead, aware of the potential consequences, you are choosing to go.  In the end, this is all about how you feel about the consequences.  You are not being forced to do anything you do not want to do, or listen to anything you do not want to hear—you are choosing to do so to avoid something else.  And that’s okay. 


If you can make it this far in the self-examination process, you may be surprised to find that your sinuses suddenly hurt a whole lot less, and your breathing feels much easier.  Your sinus issue may, in fact, abate altogether!  And if you need a little help, please contact me to schedule a healing session.  Sinus-troubles are one of the ailments I treat most frequently, and I am always happy to help clients feel better faster!


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