OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: Listen to Your Mother/Letter to Your Mother Open Mic Salon (Room 8)

We hope, in fact, that you are so inspired by the 2011 Voices of the Year that you will want to pick your favorite post and read it for a supportive audience yourself. This year BlogHer is sponsoring the 2011 Listen to your Mother Show, curated by Ann Imig from Ann's Rants. And since LTYM is already a "show on the road", we invited her to bring it to BlogHer '11. Unlike LTYM or Voices of the Year, this will not be a pre-selected or curated experience. This is more like a karaoke-style open mic: Pick your post, throw your name in the hat, and get the chance to read it out loud for other bloggers who are there to do the same...and who are likely all equally one-part-nervous, one-part-excited. BlogHer is for every kind of blogger, so we are adding a "Letter to Your Mother" component...because we all have a mother! So, while you're readying your submissions for the Voices of the Year, keep an eye out for posts that you might also want to read during the LTYM Open Mic Salon!