Listening and Leaning

Sometimes God makes it really clear when you're in His will. Sometimes you have to seek and really listen for His answer. I've got both going on, sort of.

In respect to the business, it's pretty clear that I am doing exactly what He wants me to be doing. Every time I have faltered and started to wonder if it's REALLY His will for me to continue with my husband's business, He lets me know in no uncertain terms that, yes, this is what I am supposed to be doing.

I went up to see one of my oldest friends late last week. She needed some help with her retirement income. Along with that, I planned to meet with my sister-in-law to discuss her getting a Power of Attorney for her mom, because my husband had that and someone needs to take over my mother-in-law's affairs to make sure she is not taken advantage of. Then, I was going to my aunt's house to visit her and not incidentally, my cousins. Two live in the same town and the other one was coming from twelve hours away with two of her three daughters to stay for a week.

Well. The meeting with my friend went well, and we figured out a possible plan of action. The next morning I kept getting calls and texts from my sister-in-law postponing our meeting. No biggie; I was able to run an errand and find something to do to occupy my time until she was ready. I had scheduled from 9:30AM to 8PM for her because she asked for as much time as possible. We ended up meeting at 1:00, and the plan to have lunch with her mom just didn't happen. The whole part about her mom didn't work out either, and I ended up leaving at around 3:30.

I got to play on the freeway for about an hour and a half, including the rubbernecking backup from an accident going the other way. So I got to my aunt's about three hours earlier than she expected. She wasn't there. While I was waiting for her, a friend of hers showed up and we waited together. We got to talking, and now I have a new client. And the next day my aunt told me when her guy retires, she will move all her stuff to me. So my tax lady said the entire trip is deductible. I sort of take that as a "atttagirl" because I didn't get mad at my sister-in-law, or the traffic.

The part I am waiting for, maybe, is whether to stay here. I think I am going to, but the year is not up yet and no decisions have been made. Now a third person has chimed in to tell me to stay, but it was not unsolicited like the other ones. Still, it is confirmation.

And I am finally taking steps to sell the cars. I thought I had my husband's car sold today, to a friend of one of my cousins. Then he called back and gave me a ridiculously lower offer than his original one (which was less than what says it's worth) - he said the bank loan officer told him the car's book value was that. I have other, verifiable information which backs me up. But I am not mad, or disappointed. After all, I asked God to stop it if it wasn't from Him. And I am trusting His timing for the cars. He sure knows better than I do when the right time is. Plus, I am leaving the whole deal in His hands. So I guess I am listening for His answer on that too.

If there is only one good thing which has come from all of this, it is that I have learned to listen for myself for His voice and lean unto His understanding. I can no longer depend on my husband's faith or relationship with the Lord. But of course there is more than just this one thing. As my magnet says, "Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day". And that is more than enough. 


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