A little about WildWillows

I’m a 3o something yr old female living in the wonderful North Ga. Mtns. I was diagnosed with Bipolar and depression hearing those words struck fear into my very soul because that was a “crazy” persons disorder. I have since learned that being Bipolar is no differant than having an illness such as cancer. I wanted a place I could come and write and say what i was feeling at the moment even if I was having a “crazy” day meaning one of those days I was so hyper I could not stand myself. I am a former deputy I am a sister, a daughter,an ex wife, an ex fiancée, an aunt and mommy to (2) 4 legged babies named Chilila Blu and Maxwell Grey,a suicide attempt survivor, depression suffering but pick yourself up-country girl all the way. I do like to tell all my friends I must have been a princess in a former life LMAO!!!! I hope you’ll grab you a cup of coffee or something and get comfy and let’s get to know each other a little better.

I’m new to blogging but so far I love it, im very eclectic and so you will see  that in my writing style in this blog. I have found myself with a lot of time on my hands since becoming disabled so I have set out to become crafty yes I said become crafty because it is something I have to work at and learn because I wasnt born with the “artsy” “crafty” gene. I will be sharing some of my projects on here for you to see as well. I also love to cook so i might throw some recipes on here too. Oh yes I love thrift stores and yard sales and flea markets so I’ll throw some of that on here as well. I’m outspoken and blunt. Now don’t get me wrong I do have a sweet side too!!

Anywhoo grab some coffee (yes Im a coffeeholic) and read on my friends you never know what I’m going to say next……….


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