A little bit about myself

I'll start off with telling y'all a little bit about myself (that sounds a little like a stand-up rountine)

I'm a mom of two kids... The oldest is a 7 year old little girl who is going on 17 it seems like sometimes. And we also have a 4 year old boy that is all boy and all that involves. My husband and I have been married for almost a year now. We are expecting our first child together in august of this year. This past July we moved from Tennessee, where I had lived for 27 years, to Kentucky where my husband is from, lived and had a job. So, needless to say this past year has been a year of adjustment for us. I moved from an area where I and the children had lived for our whole lives to a area that seems completlty forgin to us. I'll have to say though I feel that we have adjusted pretty well. 

So, this is an attempt to give myself a place to put my thoughts into words and give myself a "home" so to speak of of different topics. I have enjoyed reading other's blogs and thought that I would give this whole crazy thing a try to see how it goes. At the moment I'm not telling others in my life that I'm doing this because I want to do something that is totally unexpected and out of my normal. We will see how this goes! 



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