A Little BlogHer Haiku, and How About You?

I can't stop thinking about BlogHer!  Also, I'm bored; my students are taking their summer session midterm exam.

I like to write poetry when my students are busy.  Haiku requires me to shrink my thoughts down into a mathematical pattern that often leaves me with something profound.  Or not.  At any rate, here are a few from today's testing session, and if you comment, please share a Haiku or three of your own.  BlogHer rocks in every possible element!


Oh BlogHer, BlogHer,

You’re so much more than merely

Shoes, purses, and hair!


Chicago.  BlogHer.

Old friends, new friends, fun, and swag!

Adrenaline rush.


BlogHer in old clothes?

Why not?  Real friends don’t judge you.

They want to see YOU!


BlogHer, my BlogHer. . . .

More fun than sex, as someone

   Mentioned last year, yo. . . .


BlogHer!  All-nighter!

We’re never too old for a

   Great slumber party!


Serious issues.

Survival, kids, business, love,

Bring them here, and share.


The universe bows

Before the awesome power

Of blogging women.


Share your pain with us.

Open your soul at BlogHer.

We want to help you.


Trust, and live, and love. . .

Open your heart at BlogHer.

We understand you.


Speak out, share, and learn.

Open your mind at BlogHer.

We all want to know!





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