A Little Fall Fun

've never been one to decorate for the different seasons and holidays (not even Christmas..other than a tree), but as my kids get older I realize that I want to do different things with them. For the first time ever, we 'decorated' our front porch and did something fun for fall. We painted pumpkins!! 

The kids had so much fun, and Ariel had more paint on herself than the pumpkin. She chose pink, black, and blue for hers.

Justin's pumpkin reminded me of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night.

My husband even enjoyed it. I'm not sure what his pumpkin is. A two-faced he/she Frankenstein or something.

There were several small pumpkins that we decorated together. Even my mother-in-law joined in.

The kids then helped me set them up on the front porch. We even put up a few cheap dollar store items as well. They pointed and I hung everything up. It's not the prettiest porch in the world, but it was a fun experience with my children.

We also made a few homemade bird feeders to hang in the trees around the front yard.

I loved the time and memories spent with my family, so this whole craft/decorating thing will probably become something we do together more often.