Little Hookers and Whores


A pinterst user called all cheerleaders "little professional hookers and whores" and called into question their purity and integrity. I had to respond, my daugher is cheerleader, and a virgin. 

I found this on Pinterest this morning and it pissed me right the hell off. 

My daughter is a cheerleader.

And a virgin.  (and she’ll die of embarrassment that I even put that on the internet, but I’m proving a point”)

Cheerleaders are NOT hookers, or whores, or sluts, or whatever you want to call them.

They are cheerleaders.  They are students who believe in their school.  They are girls who have a tremendous amount of school spirit and who are there to support the school athletes. 

And that has nothing to do with their sexual activities. 

I resent the person who said this, so let me address her.

Dear Kadie Johnson,

So, cheerleaders are “acceptable little hookers”.  How dare you.  My daughter is a cheerleader, and a virgin.  That hardly makes her an acceptable (or really any kind) of hooker.  She is a virgin (therefore ‘pure’), she is honest and loyal, and kind and trustworthy (therefore her integrity is not in question). 

You called my daughter, and every other cheerleader out there, a hooker and a whore.  How dare you? 

Our uniforms are appropriate, are not indecent, and there is not a single parent or a teacher, or member of the administration who are offended or embarrassed by our girls wearing them.  We are not training our children to be professional hookers.  If you knew anything, being a cheerleader requires a great deal of strength, flexibility, and stamina.

I am assuming that you read the Bible, well at least the parts that support your closed-minded judgmental attitude, but if you read a little further, you would see that Jesus loved everyone, including (and dare I say especially) the unclean and impure, which included the whores. 

For someone who claims to be Christian, you are very judgmental of an entire group of children. You imply you are a Christian, and yet here you are calling children (your word) whores and hookers.  Very Christian, and Christ-like of you.  But that’s the thing about Christians, they claim to follow the teachings of Christ, but they always fail to live the life.  You can talk the talk and quote the words but you can’t seem to walk the walk or live the gospel you claim to follow.

424811_369496673082197_2086905726_nThis is my daughter, Muri, in her cheer uniform.  I personally don’t see anything inappropriate about her uniform.  I would invite you to please come forward and point out exactly what you seem to find to be inappropriate about it.  Is the skirt too short?  It’s finger length, which conforms with our school dress code.  Her arms are covered, and her top meets the top of her skirt.  Under that skirt she wears a pair of Spanx , which, are basically a pair of shorts.  So even her privates are covered.  They adhere to a very strict uniform code which is decided by a national cheer association. 

I have issued an invitation to Ms. Johnson, to defend her words, and explain to me exactly why she feels she can call my daughter and her friends whores and hookers.  I doubt she shows up, although she is welcome.  After all it is easy to sit behind a computer screen and call children unspeakable names in the name of purity, and integrity.  It’s much harder when it’s a person you have to answer to. 

So, Ms. Johnson, put your money where your mouth is, and please come talk to me, on my turf and explain to me why you think my


daughter is a whore and a hooker with no integrity.  I’d really like to hear that. 

And take great pleasure in telling you why you’re wrong.


Becky @ Welcome to My Life


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