A Little Love for all the Teachers out there!

I Love the Teacher's 


If you have school-age children then you know this week we celebrate teachers. So here is my shout-out to all the wonderful teachers at Andrew Jackson Language Academy!!! 

You are simply the best!


As an active parent at my children's school and also a parent council officer... we have created a way to express our gratitude and hard work to the teachers on behalf of our students and their families. Each day we had a little something special for the teachers culminating in mini-massages for each teacher today. I know!!!

Social Science Rock Star Teacher - Mr. Sadoff

Our teachers and staff work hard... very hard. AJLA continually ranks right up there with all of the test-in schools for academic standards. That's huge because students that apply to Jackson don't test in... it is done by lottery. Therefore, you're looking at a random cross-section of the city population where the student's scores are well above all standards within the district, the state and even nationally. 

Credit where credit is due... 

excellent teachers and engaged parents!!! 

A winning combination for academic achievement. 

AJLA won the President's Blue Ribbon Award



Aidan in Ms. Rhoden's kindergarten classroom - first day!


Madame Maliszewski's... French Class


Madame and moi


Yep those kids are mine. Zoe at last year's science fair


So to all of the teachers out there...

THANK YOU for your service on behalf of our children. 



I have always felt as though being a teacher is a calling - so again to those of you who heeding your calling - THANK YOU. To those of you are feeling a tug, an sense of "ought-ness", an inkling that you are being "called" into the awesome profession of education, please listen carefully, talk to veteran teachers, ask good questions because educating these young minds is truly a very high calling.


Take care now,







Carol H. Wright

Urban Living the Wright Way