A Little Mend...


A few weeks ago I had the unfortunate run in with one of my kittie's super sharp cat nails...while wearing a down vest.  IMG_8558

For weeks I didn't fix this hole and ended up loosing my feathers a little bit at the grocery store, a bit at the park, a bit on walks...

It was embarrassing watching feathers following me in a twirl around the store and down the street.  Embarrassing, but a little funny, HA!

Finally, it needed to be fixed before I lost them all and this safety pin fix was definitely not the most attractive fix... IMG_8571
So, I stitched up a little flower, simple and sweet. IMG_8582
IMG_8602Hooray for simple fixes!

And now, over the weekend, Violet somehow managed to get a hole poked in hers...argh!  She is requesting a sunshine patch...


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