The Little Monster

It was a cold night, the north wind howled and one mommy decided to go to sleep early... Then IT woke up..


So this is a very strange night, my boys both sleep like angels. The two year old goes to sleep around 8 or 8:30 (most of the time he literally jumps in bed he is so happy lol) and the 6 month old sleeps a ton. They have their naps and bed times pretty much in sync, Parker usually goes to sleep a little later than older brother but he sleeps all night as well.


I have been feeling like the walking dead the last couple weeks, mainly due to my husbands back and forth work schedule and wanting to spend time with him. So last night I went to sleep at 9:30 because my dear sweet husband said with my half open eyes I looked like a zombie so off to bed I went. This morning I woke up a brand new woman! I was refreshed and ready to go! I turned into supermom and cleaned the whole house and when I laid down for my usual afternoon nap (yes I take a nap every afternoon while the boys sleep.. I love my sleep lol) I couldn't fall asleep, wasnt tired! So I got up and cleaned some more until the hubby got home. I even did a great workout and went running, I felt amazing and so proud of myself.

Then a dark cloud covered the scene...

Well after dinner and some Futurama with the hubby(I love that show lol) we both were exhausted so we put the children to sleep at 7:30 and we went to bed. It was fantastic until 8:30 when IT woke up.  My little monster decided that mommy didn't need extra sleep tonight and that he would be a grumpy little booger. So I fed him and changed him but no that was not what he wanted, he wanted to sit on mommys lap and stare at her and make faces at her.

He did it on purpose I tell you..

So it's 10:30 and here we are, Parker is sitting in his bouncer looking around and I am now wide awake and on the computer. My husband is fast asleep in the warm cozy bed..... whore... lol

But even as I sit here grumbling about my little monster he looks up at me and smiles really big, is it because he is a sweet little baby? 

NO.... It is because he is a evil little boy and wanted to ruin mommys full night of sleep. Oh my evil master mind child lol

Okay so I don't really think he is an evil little boy but he sure is grumpy tonight.


And thus ends the story of the evil little monster..

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