A Little Romance

I'm about as sexy as a wet wash cloth and as romantic as one too.

I feel the crunch of Valentine's Day looming. I've always hated detested abhorred that holiday. My abhorrence of all things V-Day related began in High School. I went to an all girl's school and of course we had a brother school. Every year, boys from the brother school would send their girlfriends flowers for V-Day and the girls would send the boys lollipops ( I think). Every year, I got zilch while I watched the other prettier girls walk around with bouquets. Yes, I hate V-Day, I hate flowers and most of all I hate large boxes of chocolate (sacrilege).

While I hate V-Day, my husband loves it. This day was truly made for my husband that oozes romantic gestures out of his pores. I really do pale in comparison. There really is no comparison, it's like comparing a box of Godiva Chocolates to a shoe. I never know where to begin where my husband wrote the How To Guide. It's really embarrassing, or at least I should be embarrassed. I'm a woman for crying out loud, aren't we supposed to be all hearts and flowers?

Our first V-Day together he planned it from morning til night. I had a nice breakfast and lunch, he took me out for dinner. He bought me a gift and a card complete with a handwritten note. I had a bath ran for me with candles and bath salts followed by a massage. I was really pampered. The next year, I wanted to do something equally nice for him. My heart was really in it, I swear. I even bought a book on romance to help the unromantic in me. I made him a nice dinner, all his favorites. Picked up something special from Victoria's Secret and lit some candles. I couldn't help but feel like he was saying, "wow this is it".  At least I tried.

I don't even watch romantic movies for crying out loud, where was I supposed to learn this stuff? The most romantic movie I've ever watched was Gone With The Wind and Scarlet gets dumped in the end, a real love story.

So, ladies and gents, especially gents, you have to help me out here. I need some romantic ideas for Valentine's day. Gentleman, what would you love your spouse to do for you? Ladies, what have you done that your husbands' have loved?

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