Little smiles

My nephew has one of the sweetest little smiles that I've ever seen.  I adore him and when my sister brings him over I can think of nothing but trying to get him to laugh.

He is two and a half and runs all over our apartment singing and talking to himself. He waves at our pups and says hi doggies! He gives his uncle Ryman high 5's over and over again and thinks our ottoman is his own personal island.

As I snapped a few pictures he laughed and bashfully said Awwtee cole as if these 3 images exceeded my allotment allowed for the afternoon.

I made chicken tacos for dinner and my goodness we had enough quacamole for 5 people, even though there were only 3 of us eating! Thankfully for us guacamole lovers Adam wasn't very into it.

Such a great Tuesday. So happy to have my sister and nephew close by & that they are actually willing to eat whatever I cook!



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