A Little Taste of Texas Wine Country

In celebration of our very first wedding anniversary, my husband and I spent last weeked in "Texas Wine Country," also known as Stonewall.  

We only made it to three of the numerous vineyards on the Texas Hill Country's so-called "Wine Road" along Highway 290 between Johnson City and Fredericksburg.  I have to agree with our bed and breakfast owner when he said that "Becker has been doing it the best, the longest."  Becker's 2007 Zinfandel is wonderful, and the 2005 Clementine is deliciously sweet.  Becker also has lavender fields and sells many products made with their estate lavender.  I purchased an eye pillow for $10. 

My husband claims that Becker's wine was his favorite but I think he may have just been tired by the time we got to Grape Creek.  By the way, I highly recommend splurging for Grape Creek's $10 "Artisan" tasting which includes 8 different wines and a very nice wine glass etched with their logo involving who would have guessed it--grapes.  Grape Creek's 2005 Merlot is the first merlot I have ever liked.  I also really enjoyed the 2006 Bellissimo; my husband was a fan of the 2006 Mosaic.  I was pleasantly surprised when the winetender served the Port with a glass of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

On the other hand, I must say that, overall, Torre di Pietra's wine left much to be desired--in both variety and taste.  Torre seems to cater to the incredibly casual wine-drinkers with live music and wine titles like "Dirty Girl" and "Red Flirt."  I did leave with a single serving bottle of Red Flirt, however, as I am a sucker for ridiculously sweet wines.

Unfortunately, my Go Texan wine passport did not arrive in the mail until today, as I submitted my order on the Texas Department of Agriculture website too late.  No worries...just an excuse to visit more wineries!  Next on my list is Fall Creek in Tow near Llano.  

Texas Wine Country may not rival California's but, if you live in Texas, it's worth the drive for a low-budget, romantic vacation and to support Texas agriculture.  In case you are not lucky enough to live in Texas, many Texas wineries sell their products on their websites.


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