The Little Things

It's the little things, really, that make motherhood so rewarding: 

The extra long hugs, especially when you know your kids don't usually 

love them. 

The charming I'm-so-proud-of-myself smiles of accomplishment. 

The crayons found hidden in your underwear drawer by only God knows who, that make you laugh out loud at 6:00 a.m. when you find them. 

The almost compliments received, like "you'd be pretty today, Mommy, if you weren't wearing make-up.  Or that shirt." 

The hilarity of going out without the children, thinking you look great for a change, only to discover one of your charming offspring used your shoulder as a tissue when she hugged you good-bye, and so now you look like maybe YOU are the one that uncouthly blew your nose on your shirt.   

The countless pieces of artwork that threaten to swallow your fridge whole.

The shampoo bottles in the shower that have all been filled to the top with water.


Christina Allred

Riding the Crazy Train:  Diary of a Delirious Mom

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