The Little Things . . .Halloween Treats

The countdown is on . . . one week until Halloween.  Yikes!  I always preach, "Do Not Buy Halloween Candy!"  until the very last minute.  I know it's on sale.  I know it makes sense.  I know it's just tiny, mini pieces.  I know it might be convenient because, shucks, you are already at Costco.  However, do not do it!  It's just too tempting!  That candy will be good and quite tasty next week.  It'll be a really good treat then . . .

And, if  you are wondering what those little treats look like, here's what you can get for 100 calories:


3 and 1/3   snack size Twizzlers

 5    Starburst 

8     Dots

13 1/3   pieces of Brach’s Candy Corn

28    Milk Chocolate M&Ms

60    Smarties 

1  2/3  Snack Size Peppermint Patties

2         Twix Minis

1 1/2   Snack Size Kit Kats

3        Milky Way Midnight Minis

1  1/4  Snickers Fun Size Bars

4         Mini 3 Muskateers

4  1/2   Tootsie Roll Midgets

So, there you have it.  That's what 100 calories will get you as you dig into (sneak into) your kids' Halloween stash, or sneak into your own giveaway bag.  It's all quite yummy and tasty, but does add up!  Enjoy your treats but I'm going to try to keep them for Halloween!

So, what's your favorite Halloween treat?  

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