a little too much solitude, maybe?


these days we are telecommuting more, working from home, and have many relationships virtually. a little solitude can be good, cleansing, spiritual, and even a little indulgent. i love it when i get a little block of quiet me time. here's how you can tell you have too much solitude:

1. you're awkward around real life people. you can't really carry a conversation, you just giggle nervously and agree with everything.

2. you see people as speed bumps getting in your way unscripted, even good, well meaning people.

3. you fantasize about complete, permanent solitude. living alone, decorating your house exactly how you want it, no mess, no noise, no interruptions.

solitude or isolation? it's a thin line. total solitude is unhealthy it becomes isolation and leads to number 1 which eventually leads to a volleyball named wilson...

ways to curb your isolation. get out. duh! yes, but let's be specific

1. you're likely working on the computer if you're a little isolated so let's take that work to the local coffee shop order your favorite beverage and get to work. they will likely have free internet so you're good to go. all the other people chatting and working away in the coffee shop will make you feel less isolated, and keep that awkwardness at bay. if you don't have a laptop, you can make phone calls and make notes at the coffee shop or other public place.

2. call your best friend or loving family member who listens. just talk. it's good therapy and now you're connected, not isolated.

3. take a class at the gym

4. join a group. mom's group, prayer group, bible study, book club, blogger group, special interest group - like photography or cooking. these are of course supposed to be real life groups not online ones. this will keep you accountable for a regularly scheduled meet up with real people.

solitude is good, too much is not. i have had 1-3 happen to me so i did 1-4 for my mental health. now get out!

xoxo, krystina


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