The Little Tugboat That Could - ( Drive the American Dream )

Here is an historic happening that is not receiving enough publicity in the news channels. It is relates to restoring the American Dream and local value added economies.  It is a perfect example of thinking global but acting local.

Greal Lakes Shipyards in Cleveland Ohio has produced their first tugboat. It is the latest in the state of the art, green, fuel efficient and high tech.  It is an example of what can be done for local value added economies that add value from the raw product level up through to the several levels to the end user or retail level and then recyling the values back down again.  On top of this , Great Lakes Shipyard supports the local trade Max Hayes high school and hires its graduates for their new venture.  And on top of this, the tugboat is being exported to Honduras at a time when Free Trade has devastated the Cleveland economy with imports instead of exports.

For more information, see  and also note the story about Top mainstream newspaper brings up conspiracy theories. See also


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