The Little Voice In Her Head

Parents tell their teens what to do. Teachers tell them what to do. Friends tell them what to do. Everyone is telling them what to do. Teens are being pulled in every direction. Is there any wonder they are so confused and frustrated?

Sometimes, we forget what we were like as teens. Better yet, because we still remember those days, vividly recounting all the stupid stunts we pulled and the trouble we got into, we step into the Cassandra role, forever forecasting all the mistakes they will make simply because we made these mistakes.

But what about the little voice inside of their own heads? Teens have a bad rep as being thoughtless, reckless and angry. We were all in those same positions and thought of in the same negative light…once upon a time. I’ll admit, it’s difficult to recognize them as future adults. It’s more difficult to see past their wonderfully gawky exteriors where they can only know so much. Right?

Remembering that they have a mind of their own, that they have opinions, partly shaped by the good advice and yes, mistakes we have made with them as parents, guiding them. So why don’t we trust them more? Is it simply because their opinions may not always coincide with our own ideas for them or is it some innate awareness that they will without a doubt get it wrong?

I try to be conscientious about these facts when I began to question my daughter’s opinions. Especially since I’m mom, which means I’m supposed to right. Always. Sure.

Because she is doing what I’ve raised her to do, she is becoming the young woman I raised her to be. She is thinking for herself. Still, it’s hard as parents to divorce ourselves from the I’m-always-right-and-you’re-always-wrong-because-you’re-the-child mentality.

When the little voice in her head gets to jabbering, I can almost see the wheels spinning. So I back off to let her think. Otherwise, her head just might start spinning. Besides, she, like other teens, have to weave through an endless pile of crappy advice, unfounded opinions, and the little voice in her head helping her brave through it all to make a decision, albeit right or wrong.

 N. Meridian is an editor, ghostwriter, proofreader, author and freelance writer of various subjects. You can follow her on Facebook at www.facebook/#!/inameridian. 




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