Little Witches Of Palm Sunday!

Today is Palm Sunday. We have old traditions in Finland for Palm Sunday. The Palm Sunday is a bit like Halloween for kids here.

Photo: Decorated willow branches and chocolate eggsdecorated willow branches

The children start preparing for this day a couple of days earlier. They decorate branches of willow (it's essential to have the catkins on those branches. If it has been a cold winter the branches need to soak in a glass of water for some days to get the catkins to grow in them) with colorful ribbons and feathers. Then the kids dress up like witches (not evil looking but kinda cute looking. Especially the smaller children look adorable) and they take the branches and a basket (for candy they'll get) and go from door to door around the neigbourhood wishing people good health and giving them the branches. In return they are given candy, chocolate and coins. Here is a video I found on Youtube about a little girl dressed up as a witch wishing good health to a neigbour.

Armi Niemi

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