Live and Let Live

I was at the grocery store this morning and witnessed a young man nearly pushing over an elderly man. The young man appeared to be in a race of arriving to the check out line, before anyone else was able to. With all do respect, we live busy lives and may often times experience the internal stress cycle that tardiness creates. I do not know the reasoning for the young man's hurry, but I did feel there was an injustice being done to the elderly man.

Immediately, I asked if the elderly man was okay and he replied that he was and thanked me for asking. Out of habit, my focus immediately switched to try catching up with the young man, ask him, whether or not he was aware of the fact, that he had almost pushed the elderly man over. My authentic action to this event, was concern with whether or not elderly man was okay, then I became fired up, and began getting preoccupied with the wrongs of others. This was a knee jerk reaction, that I am practicing letting go of and replacing it with my authentic actions.

I had to step back and hit my "Pause" button. As an adult, I know I am to authentically act, not react. When I reminded myself to "Live and let Live". I was able to focus on not worrying about the young man's behavior. I do not need to be the "Injustice Police" and try to be the authority on anything or anybody, but myself. I must make sure that I am living as healthily and happily as I can, rather than getting upset about the young man's behavior.
It would have been too easy for me to get  worked up about the injustice of treating elders as though they are too slow, when we are in a hurry. Or that what we have to do is more important in that moment than paying respect to those who are deserving of our respect. Or that we need to slow down and be patient in allowing those to take their time and to not rush them. For they are much wiser than we are and have been here before us, they are to be respected.
Once I switched my focus from the young man's behavior and back to living my life, I walked right past the young man's check out lane and began to smile. For me to live and let live, is me being patient with the elderly and not scorning those whom aren't. It's me choosing to focus on living my life rather than focusing on what I feel are the wrongs of others.
Do ever have times when you feel you may be worrying too much about the wrongs of others? What would you like to do instead, to be sure you are living as healthily and happily and you can?

Jenn B.


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