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Have you ever considered how far our food travels to get on our plates? The environmentally price of having fresh brocolli all year long is huge. (On average, broccolli covers over 2000 miles to get to your table.) The environmental cost of the gas alone to transport our food is huge.

Try to buy local food (maybe from a farmer's market). You will get food that is in season and fresher. As an added bonus, you will support your local economy (instead of the huge multinational corporations that get rich from our year round fresh brocolli), and you will save a lot on gas.

One baby step to take is alcohol. I like my Corona beer in the summer. However, it is brought all the way to me from Mexico. I resolve to only buy locally produced beer. I can have my Corona's when I go to Mexico. While in Colorado I will drink Coors, Bud, or (more likely) some of the local micro beers such as Fat Tire. I have to admit, this won't be a hard sacrifice! It is really about changing my mind set from liking one thing to liking something at least as good.
Share your favorite local beer in the comments section!

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