Live my bliss?

I saw someone tweet on Twitter the other day, that she wanted to truly, and I quote, "live her bliss".



I stopped for a moment and thought about that word, BLISS. And I thought 1) what does that word mean and 2) how can we truly live it?



For me, bliss is not only a state of mind, but it is a physical experience. Bliss resides in the middle of my chest and is the giddiness that springs from me when I am on my authentic path daily.



It's the warm fuzzies in my heart.



It's the soreness in the muscles surrounding my mouth from smiling so much.



It's the quiet confidence that exudes from my whole being.



It's the clarity in my mind when I am following my true JOY.



Living out bliss, for me, is getting up every morning and not only being incredibly grateful for the new day, but being EXCITED it.



I want to live a life full of bliss. And after years of broken paths, I finally am. And I want the same for you.



What does "living my bliss" mean to you? What is bliss to you? Where is it daily? You know I love comments below...



If you are not living your bliss, you should be. Life coaching can help shed the unwanted layers of negativity, bad jobs, poor health, or whatever your roadblock may be that is preventing you from truly living your bliss.



Be in bliss,






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