Live, From New York, It's a Cookie Monster Saturday Night

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Cookie Monster has big late night dreams -- he wants Saturday Night Live fame.

This beloved, snack-obsessed Sesame Street character says he knows that you may think of him as a mere "cookie eating fanatic, bordering on glutton," but there is more to him than that. He wants to show the world. He wants to take it to the next level.

Oh, and he prefers the term "Cookie Enthusiast," thank you very much.

Now, I'm not exactly sure when hosting a show that everyone picks on for its hit-or-miss humor and occasionally sedating effects became the apex of pop culture recognition, but who am I to argue with a Muppet? Nobody, that's who.

Here's his Saturday Night Live audition tape:


I have to admit that my expectations were fairly low going in, but Cookie Monster showed me. He brought the one-liners, a flair for parody and excessive "OM NOM NOM'ing" that may well make him SNL-worthy. 

"Blah blah blah, cookie joke, cookie joke, cookie joke." Win!

Watch as he takes down the Pillsbury Dough Boy on the "Fake News:" "World famous dough guy stay out in sun too long, and got baked!"  (I particularly enjoyed the picture of a burnt Dough Boy, who, CM says, "feels CRUMBY." Naturally.)

Observe as he adorns himself in a somewhat redundant cookie hat and cape, sings mournfully -- "ME ME ME COOKIE FACE ME ME COOKIE FACE" -- and pounds the piano keys as... Monster Gaga!

See him out-MacGruber MacGruber -- and make me laugh surprisingly hard -- with Macarooner (that's a spoof-within-a-spoof, if anyone's keeping track.)

So it's in your hands, cookie fans. Do you want to help Cookie Monster follow in previously crowdsourced host Betty White's footsteps and take this quest live to New York on a Saturday night? If so, he has the requisite Facebook voting page, the straighforwardly named Cookie Monster Should Host Saturday Night Live. More than 36,000 people have already shown their support, and the wall posts indicate some mad Cookie Monster love, but he's got a ways to go for the 1,000,000 strong that usually indicates a Facebook victory.

Me -- er, I -- voted. Will you?

Laurie White writes at LaurieWrites and Draft Day Suit. Her photos are on Flickr.


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