Live Well Simply

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy when I’m stressed to slip back into old mindsets. And I never feel like I have ‘arrived’ at some destination. It’s, rather, a direction.

My wellness goal for 2014…I am moving on, edging out even more as I look up at my Lord and into my heart. Oh, there’s so much to tell but too little time. For today, let’s just say that I am headed in the direction of Happily Whole this year. Moving that way, knowing that my faith makes me whole on even my most broken days and that the wellness I live is from the inside out.

You can do that too! Instead of draining you, let wellness fill you up! Allow it to lift the weight of life’s stresses rather than adding to your struggles. Head in the direction of your heart so you can live well from the inside out. Settle down and love what you eat, be moved by movement, and above all, seek to satisfy your spirit.

What is your living well SIMPLY goal for this year?


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