Live Well Simply

Live well simply…no, simply live well.

However you put it, I mean to take the pressure off, to make wellness feel personal and purposeful yet simply and refreshingly simple.

When the slate is wiped clean instead of standing in its simplicity for a moment to ponder the possibilities, we want to rush and chalk it all up. We look at what’s around us seeing the perceptions, the expectations, trends, tasks and to dos. We want to stand in the end rather than peer out into the excitement of potential!
Now that we are a week into the New Year, I’d love for you to stop and listen just for a moment. Pause, breathe and consider what real wellness looks like in your life from the perspective of your heart. Let’s all close our eyes to see into what real wellness means. Too often we run off into the whirlwind started by momentum around us. But, just stand still as the 2014 current wooshes past, pulling and probing but not pestering this lovely pause.

Me too. Each new phase of my life requires this pause. No, let me rephrase. Almost every week…or in some seasons each day, I long for this same stillness so I stay connected to the art of living well simply for what it means to me, in my heart and uncomplicated by everything outside.


What I used to think wellness was left me empty. Out of energy, all consumed, thinking about creating something out of me by what I consumed. Wanting to mold something out of me by how I moved…working it all out.

Yes, I was. Working it out to the approval of others, to the tune of an industry I was falling prey to.

Consuming the messages and the concoctions I thought necessary to create something acceptable out of me. Working out with an aesthetic in mind. Do you do that?

Reaping some physical rewards but mindless of the potential of living well mindfully.

My first real pause wasn’t really very purposeful and exactly the opposite of peaceful. It was a screeching halt in the midst of my regular (what I thought was a healthy) wellness routine.

I. lost. a. lot. to. learn. that. living well. starts. in. one’s. heart.

I lost my life as a wife to realize that wellness is so much simpler than long lists of directions and restrictions. Living well is the all of me living well simply. It is the putting together of pieces that makes me who I am, no matter how put together or torn apart. Living well starts in the lines of acceptance in between the thinking and the doing.

You are living WELL when you are living the life meant for YOU, just you.

Fast forward almost three years and I stand in the midst of single mothering blissful chaos, building a business that has been hit hard by the impact of life and economy and holding on to big dreams to make a difference–all with my all-natural-homemaking heart and a head that won’t stop thinking of words to write. There is no time for popular pursuits when it comes to my wellness!

And I have a feeling your life is no different. Your days fly by in a hurry so often without the wisdom we glean from pausing to listen to the waves of wellness already in our hearts. You, too, rise with intention and fall with failure by the end of each day (–wince–or is that me talking about me again?!).

We all want to LIVE WELL–whatever that means: Losing weight. Eating certain foods and restricting others. Moving this way and not that. We all want to LIVE WELL. But who defines what that looks like for you? Have you stopped, or at least paused, to think about that?

You see, when your version of living well leaves out what’s really important in your life, it eats away at you and then what’s left to live well with? What’s left to LIVE WELL WITH when you leave out the kind of wellness living in your very own heart?

It’s mostly different for me now. It’s hard to explain, really.  But I feel the weight of socially acceptable wellness lifted from my shoulders.  I have other weight, other stresses to struggle with. Wellness should not, it CANNOT, be one of them. Wellness LIFTS the weight. My standards are mine, my routine bears my mark and the meaning of living well in my life sprouts from the spiritual side of me.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy when I’m stressed to slip back into old mindsets. And I never feel like I have ‘arrived’ at some destination. It’s, rather, a direction.

My wellness goal for 2014…I am moving on, edging out even more as I look up at my Lord and into my heart. Oh, there’s so much to tell but too little time. For today, let’s just say that I am headed in the direction of Happily Whole this year. Moving that way, knowing that my faith makes me whole on even my most broken days and that the wellness I live is from the inside out.

You can do that too! Instead of draining you, let wellness fill you up! Allow it to lift the weight of life’s stresses rather than adding to your struggles. Head in the direction of your heart so you can live well from the inside out. Settle down and love what you eat, be moved by movement, and above all, seek to satisfy your spirit.

What is your living well SIMPLY goal for this year?


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