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Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Food '10 panel "Visuals - Food Photography: Think Outside the Plate."

Here's the description:

The food we photograph is presumably for human consumption, but how many of us share that human element in our food photography? Food photography can extend beyond the plate to share emotional connections and cultural stories. From open-air markets to foods straight off the cart, Penny De Los Santos will introduce you to thinking about food beyond the plate – combining photography, people, food and geography -- to help tell a richer food story.

Your liveblogger is Laura. Check back during the panel (2:30pm - 3:45pm October 9) for the liveblog!

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Penny De Los Santos

First off, let me say that I did not live bog this session even CLOSE to how great it was.
Everyone in the room was in love with Penny about 1/4 way in and we were all in awe or crying or feeling so inspired hat we wanted to get up and take some photos right there, preferably of us kissing Penny.

first thing - have a dream
second thing - (i missed the second thing!)
third thing - work your ass off

assignment - top 100 things in food. - in austin at an ice house
assignment in chile - culture , geography, food. for magazine? where food and people connect

25+ international assignments = it tapped into something she really connected with, people, food and culture connect. - really turned the light on for her.
marrying food and photography - food binds us and documenting with photographs is amazing and powerful

shows pictures from some of her assignments - find link to include.

she retains full copyright of her photos - employer retain 90 day right of refusal and this is pretty mcuh an industry standard

she likes to show where she is in photos, the space she is in with a few shots. and establishing shot.

great faces tell stories - make pictures around stories.

shooting food is cool. at the heart of who i am i am a cultural visual anthropologist.

photograph should provoke an emotion - when your thinking about pictures you want to make and think about your emotiuon in the space, describe it with a photo
take a word and phtoograph it.

conect with people and be comfortable with yourself and the fact that its all about them and not you. you're genuinely interested in who they are. make them feel like a million bucks, you're there to tell their story

bloggers are bringing food the forefront of what we're taling about and its reshaping the industry. the way we photgraph food and people.
shooting beyond the food.

what makes a good photograph?

light - your best friend -
color - pick colorrful subjects
composition - artform takes time to develope this you will work on it for the rest of your life. art of phtography. take your camera off maual and think of what uou are photographing
subject - pick great subjects -
connection - feel a connection, even with a still life. connect with whats in front of you be excited.

rules for life!

layering your photographs, fore ground, middle ground, back ground. and thinking about a moment. and the energy happening.

details, god is in the details. relief images gives peoples eyes a chance to rest, it's okay to have an empty photograph.

creative devices, anything that elevates a photo, shadows , light color,
have at least one in each photograpnh.
keep looking. be patient.

shes telling a very powerful story about her momther dying. she's in morning, her color is gone but she accepts a new assignment anyway and it helps bring her color back.
but its about life and how powerful it is.

and assignment in india helped her bring the joy and color and life afirmingness back.

what is it in your life that unleashes the color and love and life in your world. do it. find it and do it.

always have mentors. have more than one.
find people than inspire you, teach you, push you, they dont have to do exactly what you do but they inspire you.

How to grow as a photographer

look at photogrpahy daily, magazines, etc

keep a visual journal, give your self assignments

practice your phtoography regularly spend time developing your skills

surround yourself with who challenge you

be inspired, have curiosity, stay out of your head!, lead with your heart, be open, follow your instincts, listen, the most impotant person is the person on the other side of the camera.


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