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Friday, August 5, 2011

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>> Good morning, everyone. Hi.
We will get started in just about a minute here. So this is a big room. And lots of people, but we really want this session to be interactive and participative. So we love for you guys to move forward and fill in and we can get to all your conversations and the dialogue. It will be a fantastic session.
Move on up and we will get settled up here and get started in a few minutes. Thanks.
>> Good morning. Can everyone hear me okay?
Fantastic. Thank you, Liz. So welcome to the panel, "Being the CTO of Your Life," brought to you by Samsung. And we have a fantastic panel today with lots of great helpful tips to help you all learn how to manage your online life. And we have to my right down the aisle is Peggy Ang Vice President of Samsung Electronics of America.
We have Catherine Captain who is CMO of Cozi.
We have Carley Knobloch who is a founder of the site Digitwirl.
We have Grace Duffy who is technology columnist at She Posts and blogger at FormerlyGracey and Katie Linendoll. She is the resident tech expert for the Nate Berkus Show and a Blogger, Talk Dirty to Me. I love that title.
I am going to ask each of the panelists to give you kick it off with one great tip they have for how to be a CTO of your life. Start with you Peggy.
>> PEGGY ANG: Good morning. Thanks for coming and I see how people are so excited. Thanks for coming this morning. A tip? I would like to think as from Samsung technology it's all about being active with technology. If one tip to give everybody, I know there's a pervasive of the technology out there, but the important thing is how to be actively engaged in it and optimize it for being productive and socialize.
>> CATHERINE CAPTAIN: I am Catherine Captain from Cozi a online family organizing service. My tip is the title of this session is how to be CTO of your own life and if you are a CTO inure own life you delegate and using technology to your advantage. Doesn't mean that as CTO you have to do everything. I think it's really important to have your partner and your kids chip in as much they can. Just as an example from Cozi, I have a 8 and 10 years old both girls and my 8 year old will put on my to do list organize a play date for me.
But it's great, because or if they eat the last cookie in the cookie jar they put it on the shopping list. It's not just about you being the only one, but making sure everybody is empowered.
>> CARLEY KNOBLOCH: I am Carley Knobloch, the founder refuse a weekly tech Show we talk about technology for women to be helpful in some way to your life, saving money or time or simplifying in some way with technology. We also talk about managing your digital life, likes the photos and all the stuff that becomes unmanageable and also managing your life digitally. I would say my tip about being a CTO would be not just to delegate which is fabulous, and so important, especially when kids can add things to the to do list, but also to curate. Sometimes, technology can feel overwhelming and every one of your friends has an app you have to download and use and it can feel like you have many, many apps on your phone and you are not really using any of them and they all just stare at you and make you feel bad about yourself. Figuring out the ones that will save you time and be helpful in some way and not apologizing for not adopting every piece of technology, but looking for the ones that can impact your life the most.
>> GRACE DUFFY: I am Grace Duffy the tech columnist at In spite of that, I am not an early adopter of technology. I wait until for are the 2nd or 3rd iteration comes out. I believe the technology coming into your home ought to reflect your values. And I agree with all the tips in fact those were my tips too I agree, anyway. I really believe in making it something that works for you are and something you can use and approach and don't be afraid to ask for help.
>> KATIE LINENDOLL: My one tip is to stay hyper connected. We can agree now more than ever there's flux and it's overwhelming. Regardless of your niche if you are not checking on them daily you are almost feel naked and there are a must have to spark engage the and good ideas. On the flip side, it's also important to connect with people, but not hyper connected and completely opposite of you.
We get caught up in our bubble and people on the other end of the spectrum gives you different posts or articles you never thought of.
>> Terrific those are all fantastic tips?
Wondering if anyone in the audience has any burning questions that wants to kick it off and get answered from these fabulous experts? Don't be shy.
And also, we have a mic wrangler in the back if you ask any questions, let her come to you and tell us your name, your blog, if you have one. All the sessions are being transcribed. And that way all the information gets on the record for everyone to read if they are not able to be here.
The microphone is coming.
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: Hi. My name is Katie and I blog at Preppy in I wonder where technology would be if there was only one?
>> I think my answer right now is I love your dress I have that; it's awesome.
>> Sidebar.
>> Absolutely your smartphone. A lot of people argue the smartphone is the most important device. It's on 24/7 and now more than ever turning it to every question and answer. I can't go out now without a smartphone and say where's the closest ATM or for a new restaurant or bar? I think they are hands down our most powerful device.
>> Mine is probably a Google Calendar is the one that comes to mind, but a calendar you can share from different portals and places from the your phone and computer. I got my husband to start updating the family Google calendar and it has eliminated a whole level of family fighting we have. There's one drawback. He saw all of my events for BlogHer and he said you are going to an awful lot of parties; this is a business meeting.
>> When you say, you mean Cozi, right?
>> I was talking to her about integrating my Google well my Cozi.
>> You can do that.
>> Even techies need help.
>> I would say my smartphone, too. And I will tell you why. Maybe my smartphone with the cloud. As the adjunct. I think to me, it's almost become something that feels emotional, I tend to get emotional about technology. But when you can access all the information in your life, from something that fits in your pocket, you never have that feeling of, where did I put that? I left it in my other purse. I can't tell you now I will call you back later and there's open loops in your life easily can be closed by pulling out your smartphone and tapping into Google Calendar or Cozi and Evernote and looking at everything else in your life. That can be digitized. So my smartphone took my life to a new level not to be too dramatic, but it's that feeling of not being lost without the stuff and the stuff can come with you and not clutter your life, but be instantly accessible.
>> CATHERINE CAPTAIN: I totally third the emotion on smartphone and say tablet for me, having kids I remember describing at one point I travel quite a bit and think of all the things you put in a bag when you travel: Coloring books. Movies. Books, I totally agree and years of journals. And now it just is with you all the time.
>> First of all, first of all, answer by saying I love your
It's the fun stuff. And I got my phone.
[ Technical problem; please stand by ]
>> We are running our houses like relatively functional business.
Sometimes beings can be more functional and sometimes they aren't. But to be the chief household officer and to be the CTO of your life and of your home, I think is really about being the gatekeeper, going out into the world and figuring out what are our challenges internally, if you will, and what are our biggest pain points? I think that's an interesting distinction between how men look at technology and maybe how women look at technology or looked at technology in the past versus how we now look at technology in terms of that emotional connection and looking at the benefits not such as the feeds and speeds, but how is this going to impact my life and help me save time so I can get back to the being with the people I care about or stay connected to them? I think being the Chief Technology Officer for me is sort of going out into the world and figuring out what pieces technology I can bring back that will help me accomplish things that heretofore have been a time sink or frustrating and really make life run more smoothly not just for me but my kids. I have a app on my phone that manages had the allowance for my kids and they can check in their bank account and it keeps tracks of things for me and them as well. And it's just a teeny little app called iAllowance and made a huge impact on the money question and can I afford this? How much is the budget? How much do you have? It took will he a little bit of dedication to find that used to be a battle and a headache.
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: I am Lisa Sullivan a blog called ( Inaudible ) I have two daughters, 7 and 9. At what age and this is open to all of you is it appropriate to allow them to have their own maybe email account and Tweet Mommy and Mommy is here and Mommy is there? And all that stuff, at what age do you think good to start?
>> That's a personal question in terms of what works with you. I believe that children should be involved with technology early and often and you should be having these conversations with them. Continually like you would talk about anything else, like riding a bike or relationships or love. You don't have at all one time or is set time, but you continue to have micro conversations with them about it as they are interested in it and as you are ready to talk about it. And what you are comfortable with. My children are 2 and 5 and they are all over my iPad and I said you can have the iPad. And they are totally into it and showing the babysitter here's the app and this or that. And they get it. But Mommy is a geek. That's what I do and they want to do what I do. If I was a better housekeeper they would probably be mopping the floor or ironing or laundry. Or whatever. They see me on it and they want to be like me and daddy and you know.
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: Do you know of any apps that say yeah, I made my bed and they can check it off?
>> KATIE LINENDOLL: I don't know any by name
>> Cozi.
In my house we have to do lists not a totally Cozi pitch Digitwirl
[ Laughter ]
But we have to do lists to check off it's gratifying so they can check it off. Whether it's Cozi or others just having the capability of having a central place and you check it off and have a sense of accomplishment yeah, it's great.
>> Grace are there some ways that you can keep your kids safe and secure when learning technology?
>> GRACE DUFFY: There is. Digitwirl? I am actually testing an app right now. I can't remember its name, but it's called flamingo an app to download on the smartphone and it creates a sandbox that you can download all the apps that are safe for kids to use and. They have actually disabled you will download a free app and there will be ads on it they disabled the functionality to click out of it. They just did that. And there's several others coming out like that. A new product coming out, if in a few weeks called mi"I." And it's app based, but you can have it on all your devices. It's secure what they can and can't do and you can set permissions on it. Hasn't come out yet. Sometimes I will have my kids sit down next to me while I am working and go through stuff together. And I think it's a good time to start at your kids age is to start with email and have that email with them. Because 9 year old is forwarding? Is like my grandmother? You have a million forwards and they need to learn to email. My kids, not my grandma, but anyway.
>> I will add one thing like the greatest thing happened by accident in my house. I already accepted my kids will be more technology forward than I am. They are already are, but the greatest thing only because we put a computer up in the playroom and their computer it broke now they use the one in the kitchen and it's the greatest thing ever because now I see what they are looking at. They are 8 and 10, they are not trying to look for anything but if you search for Harry Potter on YouTube you get some freaky stuff. Believe it or not. I am back if the kitchen and they are over there, but having a computer in a central place in the household rather than in their room is smart.
>> Yes there?
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: Missy from ( Inaudible ) and I don't have a question. I wanted to say for myself with this, I have a 10 year old to be 11 soon and she is has all the devices since she was little, because what Mom does is she does the same thing. She is very well aware I will have all the passwords, everything at all times, and that that is my property. Not her property. And that I don't see it as a invasion of privacy. Maybe I don't check it all that often, but she doesn't know that. But even on a smartphone is my cellphone so when you are with your friends I can get hold of you, and I will tell her I have read text messages and she is 10. That has to be the way it is and she has to know it's not hers. She also thinks I can go online and read them all the time. I don't want to be afraid that she is doing that or getting messages that are inappropriate too from other people.
>> When she gets the inappropriate messages, you are able to sit down and be involved as well and that's great.
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: And that does happen a child her age said something about kissing a boy. That's a big red flag to explain to her it's not okay.
>> And having mom or dad involved is an out, too. They can say my mom or dad won't allow it. That's aware job. They still remain cool.
>> That's what I meant when I said we have to be actively engaged, the devices are there and a apps, or a free for all, it's theirs. As parents and as adults, as responsible citizens we have to be whatever we have in front of us it is our responsibility to see what is out there and what could really be working for us, kids and family. That's what is engagement is about, not just access to it, but actually discerning and figuring out what is appropriate?
>> You wouldn't give your kids a car to drive and say have fun on the freeway. See you.
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: I am Lisa from years and bridal based in New York.
Picture boards my question is with pinpoint and Twitter and Facebook and all of these different social media applications out there, how do you manage them? How do you know what will be the best for your site? And how do you continue to drive traffic without neglecting them? I feel like Cybil. I don't know what I am looking it and with only so many hours in the day and I want to give my readers the best I possible can, but I feel overwhelmed by it. That's part 1. And part 2 specifically for Peggy when it comes to the tablets, I did get Samsung. It's next on my list but I have an iPad the first one and the, of course, the second one came out has the camera which makes me mad I got the first one. When it comes to Samsung, what is the one benefit if you had to say that this makes it better than the BlackBerry coming out with the tablet or the iPad 2 and 3 that I hear down the river is come as well, what's the one key selling point that would make me want to run out now and spend my last $200 on getting a Samsung tablet.
>> PEGGY ANG: To your question of being overwhelmed. There's so many things out there. What to pick. We have a social hub. What's Facebook, Twitter? For us we actually created think about the Samsung Tab makes it special is the fact you can customize as well as it's all in one place. For example we have a social hub to really aggregate your Facebook or Twitter feed. Your LinkedIn pages and you don't have to toggle; it's all aggregated in one talking about being overwhelmed and it's all in one page you can actually see them the interface. In the same way, we have this now a widget like magazine, interface with a new touch wiz we have, basically you can customize it to whether pictures your homepage together with your weather together with little app tray when even, for example, planning a trip to BlogHer and American Airlines the flight is at 8:00 am I available then? Instead of going out of that page, typically you have to now and go to your calendar and open it up and figure out that date, that's actually a mini app tray on there calendar you click on it there and I'm sorry if I am doing this, because I don't want to do a demo in front of everybody, but show to you after, the idea is mini tray there to click it and while the website is still running at the back, you can see your calendar. Once you see your calendar, immediately you can close it and you are still on the American Airlines page. The point is the Galaxy Tab essence is everything is one touch away. Aggregated to screens easy to navigate.
It's customizable to your needs. People have different needs you for the tablet. Not one size fits all. If you are really more about the social space you get a social hub. If you are a reader we have a readers hub. With over 2 million books. Magazines and newspapers. If you are onto music we have a music hub connected to the Amazon MP3 cloud service. You can uploaded there and have access to the tab. Simplicity is what gets us excited. Everyone says my tablet is more simpler and easier, but if you have that interface where it's all there in front of you or one touch away I think what these are the small things and some people say so small, no, these are the small things that make life better and make technology is little bit more palpable and usually for us. I have it here and we can show you how it is and I am hoping yeah, the tablet you purchase is a Galaxy Tab.
>> We have products on the Expo floor. To check them all out.
>> I will throw in a answer from my perspective is get something like a Tweet Deck or where you can so I use that and I can send things to Facebook and send things to if I am tweeting at BlogHer or tweeting as myself and I can manage all that from one single consolidated space. And it makes it a lot easier. I am in the same boat. Google now how do I make time for that? It's crazy.
>> KATIE LINENDOLL: Add one more thing. I think we can all get really seduced there's 500 million people on Facebook or how many or a billion tweets and we are looking at this audience and saying how can I capture the most amount of people? I would just say it's important to remember that behind all these numbers are people. And so if you are not really engaging with an audience, however big or small it is, social media is not going to be successful for you. I would say take a small window of time and focus on one social media platform versus ten of them. And really engage with the people that you are able to build a following for, build a community. And see how that works, as opposed to trying to manage so many different social media communities.
And maybe for your industry, there's one social media community, clearly there's probably people in the room who really leverage LinkedIn and then other people it's really all about twit Twitter. But finding your way and connecting with the people behind all the clicks and likes and follows, I think is a better way to look at when you are starting at least.
>> And don't feel overwhelmed. There are some people that have do this for a living. And other people who have involved in everything and like you kind of look at them and they are not all you are really doing is that you updated somebody else. You know? Like it all goes back to having that conversation.
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: Hi, my name is Jill Scott and I blog at controlling my I have two questions: The first one is what are these hashtags I am seeing everywhere? Where do people use them? And what's the purpose of them? Is my first question.
Second question is what are your favorite apps?
>> I am having Geek Bar at 2:30 everywhere that is where I will answer those questions and more. But the hashtag is actually a search functionality in Twitter. If you were to hashtag BlogHer it's all the tweets:
>> Also used sometimes as a comedic device. Sometimes not. Punctuation to a tweet add a hashtag that further makes your point in a comedic way.
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: I am Karen I have a blog create success at home. I am technologically challenged. I am just learning how to use a lot of this stuff. I know how to use what I have been using. But I don't have a smartphone yet. I don't have a tablet yet and I am dying for both. What would you suggest you look for in a smartphone or a tablet to narrow down all the different choices?
>> I would identify the need first. I didn't get a smartphone until I joined a moms group that emailing last minute plans with each other to follow up and it became an extension of that. I would identify the need first.
And then find the device that suits that.
>> Katie?
>> KATIE LINENDOLL: An influx of devices we can all agree can be overwhelming. If you are not tech savvy go there are with somebody who is and gets hands on. I think extreme importance in anything had you do and anything you buy and invest it, especially something you will have for one to two years, gets hands on and make sure you understand the keyboard and how the navigation works. When I go to a store, Verizon, and I thought I was going to kill myself and I am a tech expert and I am arguing with this guy who thinks I am 12 and he has no idea of what I do. And I think to myself, this is so frustrating. I went in there with a plan and I was still annoyed. Going with a plan and narrowing it down is key. Getting a new phone is horrible. It really is. Challenging for anyone.
>> Even before you walk in the store, if you have a buddy, I didn't want an iPhone they just went through and I am like okay I have to get one. Now, I get it. I didn't get it for a while. Seemed like it wasn't irrelevant to me. Until someone I trusted walked me through it.
>> PEGGY ANG: I work for Samsung, but the fact is technology is personal.
I know you see a lot of ads. We tell people what's available, but in the end we know the best way to get people into technology is for them to experience it.
That's why you just don't see, marketing is so much a different world now, especially in technological not just showing a 30 second ad and calling it a day. Not the madman days. It's having a allowance people can get in this and get to the floor and actually experience the products. No questions asked. Full of like you are a loner type to explore on your own, you can. The point is when you were into technology make sure it is comfortable for you. And it answers your needs you and feels right. Nebulous when I say it feels right it has to answer your what you are looking for. So when we talk about speeds and feeds, a big screen, bright, you know? I am a entertainment junky and I like to watch movies. That screen is important for me the size is important.
I will not compromise that when the airline because I travel light when it goes dark I can see the difference between the background and the foreground. Drives me nuts. On the flip side when not on a plane and a I am all about the I have to be connected because of my work commitments, I need to make sure it has the fastest processor, so then I am not missing out on things, the constant missing out. It depends on your need. If you are looking at it from a connection standpoint about your kids at home, there's WiFi, and a solution for that. I think the best thing is there's a lot of choices but then you have to start with any purchase you do, what you need? What do you want? And then try to experience it yourself. Don't take the word of somebody else. Have somebody walk you through it, but you have to be there. Because it's an investment and not just an investment of money; that's the least of concerns. It's an investment of our time. Imagine if you have to do a upgrade. You have to relearn everything. That's the painful part and upgrade is a way of life. So you have to be into it.
>> Don't will be afraid to take it back. Restocking fee.
Seriously. Any gadget on the market if out for six months it's probably going to be on sale. And I read back when it came out and if it's out for six months plus, are you will get a good price on it or look for the next model coming out soon.
>> We are talking a lot about being overwhelmed and frustrated with the choices out there, Catherine, how can users best communicate with manufacturers and developers and let them know what they need and what they want, and where their pain points are so you can develop better products.
>> CATHERINE CAPTAIN: One thing we talked about earlier is you have a voice one thing I have been at Cozi or for 7 months but one thing I really been struck by is how much we pay attention to customer feedback is probably the most important thing and probably the hugest voice into the organization. And that comes through our customer service queue people have taken the time to email us to tell us what they love and don't love. See us on Facebook if you see our customer service agents go into our Facebook feed and respond to people on Facebook.
And then, of course, we do some more formal survey research. But we really, really listen. Whether it's one person or 100 peoples comment matters. The message to you is don't feel like okay I have this app or this product and I have to accept it as it is. You have a voice. They are developing we are all developing for you. So pickup the phone, send an email and get on the Facebook page and tell them what's not working or what you wish it had or how to be more effective in your life. That you have voice and here at this conference you have an even bigger voice because you have blogs. Don't be shy to talk about products and that's true for whether you have a problem with a product or even if you love it. Of course, we want to hear that, too. Don't be shy to use your voice to help shape the products. Future.
>> I like Katie's point to a disconnect with the 18 year old Sales Rep at Best Buy be what you think is a hot phone or not. Trusted resource whether online or in person to figure out here are my needs, because, again, it's so personal. Here my needs and pain points and what I like this thing to help me with. Oftentimes we don't even know that a retina display is different than another kind of display. We don't know what we need, but we know what our problems are. Finding a trusted resource to help you, I think, and really just not being afraid to say, this is what I want and what I don't care so much about because there's something that can help you solve it, but starting from you, as opposed to focusing on products and getting overwhelmed by features because they all have 7,000 features.
>> Question?
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: My name is Jillian. This question is for everyone except Carley.
[ Laughter ]
I actually work for Carley at Digitwirl and every time I come in she is geeking out for a new application and I am so behind. Essentially I want to know what resources you use online to find new apps so I can out CTO my CTO.
[ Laughter ]
>> I like to be ahead of the game maybe one day a week.
>> CATHERINE CAPTAIN: I love Gulman Picks. What's the tech Word? Cool Mom tech.
There are a lot of resources on the web that help filter what works for someone who is in my life phase as a working mom and then other is a shameless plug for former employer. I watch the "Today Show" and they have great segments about technology and here are the ten products and I think all morning shows do it. I think Matt Lauer is cute so I watch him. But yeah, they are a lot of roundups of technology that sort of show is you in three minutes what your options are so I try to keep up with that, too.
>> Where do you find your reports?
>> KATIE LINENDOLL: I am grateful to be working varies networks. My challenges various audiences, too. I am constantly on prowl for good sources and also good content. I am pitching to my employers every single day, new ideas, but I think, again, it comes back to having good pieces and good segments that really stand out. So I have my go to website every day, Mashable, Gadget, CTO tech and Barnes & Noble I spend and get really obscure magazines. Whether it's animals or connected world and ink and I am reading constantly. It's a full time job. Talk about being overwhelmed. It's my job to take all of this and make good segments and concise information. On all the different outlets and you find the top of apps and the future innovation. And also picking up new resources along the way, whether it's online or magazines or on TV.
>> I am the person at the Nielsen rating entrepreneur. A good magazine for what is up and coming. I like to hear about the people that create these. Where they come from and in addition to the others that have also been mentioned?
>> Also, I think it's really important to get hands on. It's amazing to me how many people write about tech or gadgets and haven't spent a week with it or even a day. I think to myself, how can you be qualified to write a review? Or is somebody else writing that for you? It's mind boggling to hear the back story, get hands on and and you will be surprised by are the end of 24 hours or a week how you will understand the technology or the blog or anything for that matter.
>> I am in a different boat. I'm in the tech industry and we have insight into resources that are not known not public. But more it's not so much where do I get the information and what's had the next app, it's more of we look at consumer trends and what's happening in their life. That's what he do. There's so many out there and we get pitched a lot. The idea is not so much how you siphon out of this so many choices we have? We always go back to the consumer trends and that allows you to have insight as is to what is really meaningful. Going back a year ago couple years ago ask talked about the advent of like why would people want to watch a TV show on a small screen? With a smartphone just starting and it was unfathomable. Why watching squinting on a 4 1/2 inch screen. A consumer trend, Netflix was still new, but the consumer trends was there. People wanted entertainment on demand. And it's not a question of whether it's high definition, but the question is do I have access to it. I have a busy life. You saw Samsung start partnering with content providers. The first with Netflix. It starts always with us on the consumer and I can't underestimate you think we are a big company and all about what we think the world should be. But we do listen to the consumer as often as we can and by the way, if we don't, you will be knocking on our doors anyway. What's happening in the consumer trends and he from there, are determine what content or devices or even applications consumers gravitate to. Personally I am surrounded by geeks. I am big on aggregating you can tell. I want all my movies and emails in one place. But on of that we got developers in our company who are cooking up these things. And they get an earful from our on pain points and develop coordination accordingly and, of course, we listen to Katie.
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: My name is Brand founder of a website called I want her Check it out. My question is directed towards Peggy. I know CFO as community curator, my question has two parts, how has a Samsung changed its approach to be more culturally relative and second is, as creators of communities?
>> PEGGY ANG: Did you attend Ralph had a big speech on smart shift something what we call it, it's about the idea of brands can be big and persuasive, but the people you hope it connect it doesn't matter. That's what we mean by being culturally relevant. Since Ralph joined we have pushed to be for culturally social media campaigns one. We are part of South by Southwest now being in the media where we know consumers there's more interaction than a one way. You are not an island unto yourself and what engage is what's really going to be the clincher for meaningful communication. It's not going to be one way let me tell you what I have. It's what are your needs and shape the message we have to give to you to that ends. Your second question? I'm sorry?
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: Any tips you have
>> PEGGY ANG: You have a benefit as a we the manufacturer we don't. One benefit you you have the benefit a community. You have credibility, especially with that name. I want Your job, I think you will get a lot of people joining that, but the idea there is that you have a credibility in your community. And you have a purpose. Your name itself has a purpose. So my only tip to you is that stay true to who you are. Community will come and organically build, the people you want to join, not the 500 million in Facebook not what it means. You have a community of purpose and it will resonate. At that point, who is going to believe you except the media you buy and purchase and you try to communicate your message. We as a brand we don't make any pretenses of creating communities, but we try to engender is this idea of people coming together and sharing their ideas and being able to see that, I think, enthusiasm for technology come to life. And we learn a lot from the communities from people like and you how we use our devices and what is enriches us not creating our big community. It's about how we are relevant to the communities each of you build.
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: I am Jan Bush I write for anybody want a peanut. I first had a comment about finding apps. I have a special needs child is what I blog about and one the best ways to find apps is through other bloggers. Find other bloggers in your niche and you will get great recommendations for apps and. And I notice people are putting YouTube videos of apps and watch somebody walk through it and help you know if that app is right for you.
And my question is: I worked in technology for a long time and one of the most important things wasn't just what we did, but what we didn't do. What I like to know from you is, what technology do you either refuse to participate in or how use technology to help yourself disconnect and find yourself to live in the here and now. Is my biggest challenge is I want to be technology all the time, but obviously I can't do it.
>> I pick a time during week I am just offline or leave my phone in the car. I know, sacrilege.
Because my daughter is in day care 3 days a week so the morning she is off I will take Her to the park and that's how I direct. Or if with my husband or two kids, those are the people if something were to happen to them I could do something about, so they are with me now so I don't need my phone.
>> I would add, anything to help you filter. So whether you are in gmail there's great filters that will organize your inbox for you.
The thing that crushes me is email. I am sure none of you have a problem with email.
It's debilitating and we sort of look at it and it's tough to process. So anything that can help you filter the emails so just the critical ones are coming through and others are tables for later. I think is really helpful to help you kind of realize that you can disconnect for a minute.
>> CATHERINE CAPTAIN: I would add. That I don't Tweet. I know.
[ Laughter ]
That was hard for me to say. Scary.
For me it felt like one more thing that I had to keep up with. And like Facebook, and email and everything else going on, I just have a Twitter account and I think I tweeted twice or maybe three times. More for me it's just one more thing and I feel like I should doing this for my career perspective and I get it and respect it and okay for me now I am not going to tweet.
>> Are you telling us no one should better to Twitter?
>> Am the one person in the no just kidding
>> That's funny so many people where their Twitter stream is limiting for their career.
>> Cozi has a Twitter handle in case you want check it out. CoziFamily. Personally for me, I don't tweet.
>> I think it gets back to Carley's point of maybe kind of focus on building one social stream that works for you and find maybe for your community, Facebook is the place to be. Maybe for your community Twitter is the place to be.
>> One more thing
>> You can be forced to disconnect, too. I recently learned about. I just came out of digital detox. From my employer the are Early Show and in less than 8 hours, I was sent off intervention style. So when you check in you get 15% off to cash in all gadgets and it was traumatizing. Interesting though and it's funny that we are so tied and connected that even when I didn't have my gadgets on me I was still checking and hearings vibrations and beeps. We did an interesting segment to show what it's come to. Digital at the doc facilities throughout the country.
>> What did you miss the most?
>> Where?
>> There's a few throughout the country. I thought I was going to the Bahamas actually. This is easy and going to get a tan and then they told me I am going to Pittsburgh. So a little disappointed. It was interesting because I was kayaking. There's like yoga. Like a whole package for you. I want to be playing Angry Birds and I was out there doing things. There's a couple throughout the country, one in Washington and the Caribbean and Pittsburgh has that one.
>> You would not find that in a Silicon Valley.
>> What's the thing you needed most after rehab? And what did you find you can live without?
>> Phones. Like as soon as I actually had to put my stuff in a locker and I turned on button, I said this is why I am freaking out. Bing, Bing, Bing, at the end of the day when for my outlets then I can disconnect and go to sleep knowing every is well. So as soon as I turn my phones back on and I have this barrage of emails it was like back to panic mode to play catch up in. One thing, I think, I could live without probably my it goes it phases. Like my 3 D S, I don't have to play excite bike for a half hour. But we have our bonus gadgets we carry with us.
>> I never detoxed but mostly because I come to rely on for sure my smartphone, but other digital devices to really compensate for deficiencies in my frontal lobe and I don't know what I am doing in the next couple of hours. But for my device that tells me. And I think I really come to lean on those things that if somebody took away my Google Calendar or Cozi I would be very, very aware of how weak my brain operates. And so for me it's just become a part of the way I function. Which I am not sure if it's good or bad.
>> I can live without Foursquare. I have been on it for the conference, because I have to talk about later this afternoon. But I hadn't checked in since I was at CES. I'm sorry I mark time by conferences. Yeah, that's mine, Foursquare.
>> I'm [ Inaudible name ] blogger at the Latina group. Two questions. I am a former ABC News correspondent I am not understanding SEO and it's embarrassing to admit that. How have you managed, if this has been an issue for you, competing Facebook pages or Twitter accounts? I have one from my days as a journalist and now I have one for the blog. Thanks.
>> Who wants to
>> I will not touch the SEO. I use you click on the top of which you want to update and you write your thing and then it goes. The problem with that is you need to make sure you click the right boxes. And then HootSuite tweet about an article you write throughout the day and use it for scheduling. I don't know anything about SEO either.
>> SEO is a minimum of whole panel to itself and a probably a whole conference. What she said. If you didn't hear, if changes so fast even if you my experience has been to find experts and that could be hired experts, although preferably not. But you find people in the business and certainly with your background have picked up tips along way. And I even think on the Internet you can search for ten things you can do it improve or your search standings. Like the way you write headlines and formats or your site. The basic stuff, but for anything more sophisticated leave for the experts.
>> Throw in one more tip on managing the multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts. Maybe think about the focus and Facebook separate one for just your real friends and family and then everyone else to the business. I have a lot of people going through that right now and constantly getting updates like I am closing this account and I am de friend you. New Services like Google Plus and also to take advantage of the ability to group people. And you can do that in Facebook and Google Plus. You are getting the message and hearing from them in a departmentalized area. One there?
>> AUDIENCE MEMBER: I'm Heidi Reilly. Hoping to help moms book babysitters more efficiently. What app saves the most time. What's your favorite timesaver?
>> Good question.
>> 3rd one. One inspired by ZocDoc and to find doctors and book appointments within 24 hours. One the biggest challenges is for weeks and when the appointment comes up you are booked. To find a doctor, whether it's a chiropractor
We do an app of the week and it exploded. ZocDoc is powerful. I think healthcare is a big category future and forward thinking. When you have an app that can do so much for you are and save you time as a mom or saving you time just alone that's really cool.
>> CATHERINE CAPTAIN: I have one I heard of, but haven't used yet. About it's you have one password I think it's called one Password. I can't remember which Password and user name for each account and I have 3 or 4 default ones so I try them all, but I believe there's one
>> One we reviewed on Digitwirl called last pass. Just Mac friendly last pass is a great resource. And it helps you log in and basics gives you the ability to hacker proof passwords and not having to remember them all. For the different sites, but many people just use the same password for every website, which is not a good idea?
>> I would say the apps that help me the most are the ones and this is sort to Peggy's point aggregate a lot of different things in one environment. So a couple of things, I use an app called paid once. And it will aggregate for you all of the your financial information in one place. It also does and what I use this most for is my frequent flyer accounts to book a ticket and I have got different frequent flyer accounts with five or six different airlines so who knows how many different points are in those ten accounts, this app and website will allow you to see if all in one place. How long would it take to check and into everybody's website and make sense of it. So as well as a enough software as service I love called Manila, which is almost the same thing, but for your personal bills. Magazine subscriptions and smartphone it's like the Manila folder where you would put bills except it sends you alerts when things are due. Huge timesavers.
>> I use on my iPad I use Flipbook and RSS, Twitter anything. I tend to read a lot of different things. But I don't remember to go to the website it aggregates. The functionality looks like a magazine and you can flip the pages. And I just downloaded there's an antivirus company called AT G they just launch add an app I downloaded on all my devices and all the apps you download for virus or bugs or whatever and it's such a timesaver for they. If my device doesn't work, I don't work. If it's dead, I don't know what else to do. I am really big on making sure you update your security. I am more likely to buy a new one than fix it. I also needs to go to some rehab.
>> There is 3 quick apps that I love, Camera plus and FX on the Android side. Sepia and black and white is a must have. Also around me, no matter where you are or city, it will tell you ATMs, banks, restaurants, and obviously you can use your GPS to get to this that place and one of the popular ones is Dragon Dictation. Available on any device. If you have a long email, you speak it and it turns it into text. Saves the small keyboard typing.
>> That's Dragon Dictation.Dragon Dictation.
Camera Plus. On the Android side.
>> I first wanted to have you tell us what SEO was and then I remembered just say what the words are. But you wanted to comment I logged into Cozi while we were talking and it looks like I will use it and pull my shopping list from one note into there.
I'm sorry. I couldn't help it.
>> I didn't pay her. I promise.
SEO is search engine optimization so search engines can finds you. An art and science.
>> I was going to say, I am absolutely not a SEO expert. The good news is you don't start out in the negative. So you can always do little things incrementally to tweak and optimize and make your content more findable by search engines. So I think that's kind of my philosophy about technology just in general is to give yourself a break and start slow and kind of master one thing at a time because success begets more success. So on sometimes, especially if you don't feel like technology is your native language, we can get overwhelmed and we shut down and say forgets it and I talk to people all the time who are in that place. So if you can give yourself permission to go slow or make one little tweak to the way you make your blog every day you will move towards betterment.
>> And that's fantastic point. Unfortunately, we are over time.
I thank you all for your interest, please note, everyone's websites and Twitter handles if they have one. Generic Twitter handle does not counts.
Everyone is on there. There will be transcripts available later on of and all sessions at BlogHer. Thank you all for your time and great questions and we will see you at the next session. Thank you.
>> Thank you guys for coming.
[ Applause ]