Livestock Versus Boat

I don’t think I will ever be one of those people who sit in their homes or cars listening intently to a police scanner for my fun and entertainment. But, I can no longer poke fun at those people. I have new addiction. There is a facebook page dedicated to allowing other people to listen intently to their police scanners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Then, they post tidbits and highlights for mass consumption. I am now one of the masses. I am a sheep, hear me baaaaa.

I do have to say there have been time when it’s actually been helpful. A couple months ago, the family and I were coming back from a weekend at the in-laws. It was almost midnight. We were driving along the highway, so close to home, when all of a sudden the brake lights in front of us were shining. After a few moments of just sitting, I broke out my handy-dandy smart-as-can-be phone and looked on facebook.

There, my trusty police scanner loving facebook friends posted that we were just behind a rollover accident and the highway would be shut down for several hours. Sure, considering we were just two cars behind the accident, we could crane our necks to see what was going on. But, this wonderful thing allows me to be the quintessential rubber-necker without being so obvious. It also let us know that if we wanted to be home before the sunrise, we should follow the lead of the cars behind us and back up on the highway toward the exit. Yes, we were actually on reverse on the highway.

But, putting the practical to the side, there is some seriously great entertainment to be had. Like the occasionally report of UFO’s to the police. Or, the man who called the police to rescue him from a crazed donkey. Then, there was the woman stuck in the McDonald’s playground equipment and the teenager who got her arm stuck in an Easy Bake oven.

My personal favorite though is the recent case of the vanishing child. A woman called the police. She was sitting in her car at a Walmart parking lot. Suddenly, there was a pair of children’s shoes on the ground. She swore up and down that they hadn’t been there before. So, obviously a child had literally vanished into thin air. The police went out and investigated. No one reported a child missing from the area.

Then, there are my “versus.” I am continual amazed at the variety of “versus.” By that I mean, car vs. bus or pedestrian vs. car. This appears to be some sort of short hand that is commonly used to describe an accident of sorts. There has been livestock versus boat, train versus livestock, bicycle versus unicycle and man versus tractor. There seem to be endless combinations that get goofier or stranger by the day.