Living With Death's Great Ache: No Dad on Super Bowl Sunday, Again

We will have another all-girl Super Bowl party Sunday, for Super Bowl 2012, except for my delicious nephew who, at 3 and a half, knows why peoples' eyes well up when they see him.

"My daddy died," he says.

His daddy, my best friend and greatest hero, younger brother, and former proud member of the Evanston Township High School football team, will not be here Sunday to thunder around the house with his lion's roar, his foundation-shaking laugh. He will not be here, is not here, and we are left to find small ways to do the impossible: to fill a cosmic black hole of maleness, energy, wisdom, intensity, thunderous laughter, endless empathy, and a deep knowledge of – and respect for – the game of football. And to find a way to find fatherhood for a fatherless boy.

Read: Living With the Great Ache: No Dad on Super Bowl Sunday, Again

Pamela Cytrynbaum

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