Living With Disease-You Are Not Alone

Now, having a disease does not make any of us "special", from anyone else.  Truth is, most people in this world are living with some type of disease, and are trucking along just fine. What it does do, is gives us an opportunity to use our struggle for the good of ourselves and others. Our honesty with ourselves, and others, will allow us to set the realistic goals and boundaries within our every day lives. By doing this, we give ourselves and everyone else, hope, in that our dreams are reachable, no matter what. 

Don't even think about the fact that keeping your health insurance and doctors bills paid is a full time job. I know it, and you know it, but use this moment to except that we are our own advocates in life. Our honesty and acceptance of our own circumstances will help us in standing up for our health, our life, and those bullies who just don't understand why we are the way we are. This may sound cheesy, but once you make the decision to be honest and stand up for yourself, a lot of other things will work themselves out in the wash.

If you are wondering, “who the heck am I”, to give my advice on such a sensitive subject, then remind yourself of these things: Diseases and illnesses do not discriminate against age, color of skin, or social status. You could be talking down to someone younger than you, right now, who has been through more than you could ever imagine. We have to remember to have compassion for ourselves, as well as those around us. Sometimes we think we have all the answers, and we sure like to spout them off to everyone who will listen. This time, let’s listen, and share our own experiences with illness to those who just simply need the reminder, "I am not alone".



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