Living at the edge

Living at the edge

Leaping off a cliff as I did in my previous entry is something we only do when we are at the edge. That makes sense. Leaping also results in the greatest progress. After all, once you're airborne, you either learn to fly, or learn to die...We choose flight, for the most part.

Most of us want to experience the kind of progress that comes when you take that leap and then "build your wings on the way down," but in order for that kind of progress to happen on a regular basis, we'd have to come to the edge on a regular basis. And let's face it: we only usually go to the edge when we are forced to do so.

Imagine what life could  be like if we came to the edge all the time. If we always brought ourselves to the limits of our own knowledge and ability, and continually came face-to-face with our unknowns, standing on the edge of life as a way of life.


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